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Find Your Stock Market News Organised in One Place on Angel One!

25 October 20236 mins read by Angel One
Angel One is transforming how you find, read and share news on the stock market forever. Read on to know how!
Find Your Stock Market News Organised in One Place on Angel One!
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Reading market news, identifying trends and reacting to them via portfolio adjustments and trading decisions are probably a part of your average day as an investor or trader. Yet you have to search multiple websites and other sources to get the news you want without a standardised and optimised method. Lastly, you have to often read large articles and spend time and effort to extract key details from them.

Isn’t it therefore important that there be a streamlined process, whereby, you can get a steady flow of market news that is compact and relevant to the assets that you are tracking? 

To meet this requirement, Angel One brings to the latest feature of News! It is a single page dedicated to helping you organise your inflow of news efficiently!

What’s New?

  1. News from multiple sources such as online newspapers, websites tracking the stock market, etc. is now available on a single screen on the Angel One app!
  2. You can filter the news based on whether the articles are relevant to the assets listed in your Watchlist or your Portfolio.
  3. You can easily share the news with your friends on social media. 
  4. You can choose to read either the full article or a shortened version of the article.

How Does This Help You?

Being up-to-date with news related to the stock market has the following benefits for your trading

  1. By narrowing down the news based on their relevance to your Watchlist and Portfolio, you will now be able to spend less time and effort in searching for news that is specifically important to you. 
  2. Adding to the previous point, all of the news you need will now be made available to you on a single platform! You will no longer have to search for stock market information by looking through multiple newspapers and websites.
  3. Getting early access to news about events that affect the market will help you enter or exit a position at the right time and not be too late to ride the trends.
  4. You can share important news with your friends or clients (in case you are an authorised person) to help them catch up on the latest market trends early on.
  5. You can catch up on a larger quantum of news within a shorter period by simply reading the key details mentioned in the shortened version.
  6. This will be especially helpful if you are a new user who is yet to find good sources of stock market news on the internet.

How to Use the News Feature?

You can access the news portal on the Angel One app by simply following the steps below:

Step 1: Click on ‘News’ on the Home page of the Super app. 

news on homepage

Step 2: Clicking ‘News’ will take you to the page where you can find the latest news under the category ‘All’. You can scroll right to find two more categories of news:

  1. Watchlist News – This section will have news related to only those companies whose stocks are in your watchlist. (In the coming weeks, you will also be able to filter your news based on commodities and indices in your watchlist as well)
  2. Portfolio News – This section will have news related to only those companies whose stocks are in your portfolio. 

news first page

Step 3: If an article interests you, you can start by reading a shortened version of it. If you want to know more, you can read the expanded version as well by simply clicking on the ‘Full Story’ button at the top.

full story

Step 4: You can easily share the news article with your friends by clicking on the share icon on the top right corner of the page.

Final Words

This new feature will have a revolutionary impact on the way you make news-based decisions. It will bring order and efficiency to a process that had so long been left to the individual abilities and resources of the trader or investor. Whether you are new to the stock market or not will no longer have a major impact on your ability to access the latest news on the stock market.

For more such updates on the latest features on Angel One, read the Angel One blog or join the Angel One Community page today!

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