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Find Stocks & Mutual Funds in One Place – Angel One Super App!

07 March 20236 mins read by Angel One
Angel One is now one of the few platforms with Stocks and Mutual funds in a single App. Angel One’s Super App will simplify all your investment use cases.
Find Stocks & Mutual Funds in One Place – Angel One Super App!
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Mutual Funds for Everyone

Mutual funds are a popular asset class that many of us have considered or invested in at some point. For beginners, they are an easy way to enter the market, while for experienced investors they offer a great opportunity for diversification . 

What’s New with Angel One Super App

In the past, users had to download a separate app (Angel bee) to invest in mutual funds. However, with the latest version of the Angel One Super App, this problem stands solved too. You can now invest in mutual funds in the same app which you use for trading.

While solving the most important pain point for our existing customers, here is what we have improved with the last 2 releases.

    1. Improved user interface and experience 
    2. Realtime order tracking on the Angel One App
    3. Updated fund details pages 

Improved user interface and experience 

This is something that you would experience across all the apps on Angel One and specifically in mutual funds. We understand that new user investments can be overwhelming with so many jargon and numbers to track.

Hence, we have looked at what’s important for the user to make this easy to understand.

Example 1:

While deciding which funds to invest in, most customers look for the returns delivered by the fund in the last 3 years and that data is displayed upfront.

mutual fund 3 years return

Example 2:

In your portfolio we now share the amount invested and its current value along with the gain/loss till date and yesterday.

Example 3:

While choosing a fund there are multiple parameters that you as a customer want to take into account before putting in your hard earned money.

We have now made it easier for you by making the details of the past performance, exit load, fund managers and the AUM of the fund easily available.


Realtime order tracking on the app

One of the feedback that we received in the older version of the app was, “It is very hard for us to track where my money is after I place my order and the money leaves my bank account.”

We understand this entails 3 to 5 days of anxiety for you and with that in mind, we have recreated the system whereby you can now track every single step just like your e-commerce order.

Revamped order processing 

With the earlier process you as a customer would know if your order failed or successfully went through by the end of the day or later.

With the recent changes while the communication of the successful order hasn’t changed we are making sure failures are communicated to you almost instantaneously in most of the cases.

Way forward

Angel One aims to revolutionise the world of investing by creating the  most user-friendly stock market app in India. In the past, investors needed to download separate apps for different asset classes, but those days are now behind us. With this upgrade, investors can easily access and invest in mutual funds through the same app.

Mutual Fund investments can be a powerful tool for amassing wealth for your future. Starting early can make a significant difference in the long run. So Open  Demat account with Angel One to start your investment journey today.


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