Dividend Stock In November 2022

3 November 2022
4 mins read
Dividends are a part of a company's profit paid to the shareholders of the company. Check out which companies are paying dividends in November 2022 in the upcoming dividend stock list.
Dividend Stock In November 2022

Dividends paid by a company allow investors to earn regular income on their investments. Dividend-paying stocks are always in high demand and sought after by long-term investors. A company that pays regular dividends is usually stable. Hence, including dividend stocks will strengthen your portfolio. Here is a list of upcoming dividend stocks that can bolster your portfolio. 

Before we add the details, here is a quick reminder of ‘what are dividends?’

What are dividends? 

A company pays dividends to its shareholders. It is described as a reward given by publicly-listed companies. Dividends are a part of the company’s profit which it shares with its shareholders. Not all companies pay dividends. Hence, if you want to invest in dividend stocks, you must choose them. 

A dividend is paid per share. So, if a company declares a Rs 2 dividend, then for your 100 shares, you will get a total dividend of Rs 200. 

Dividends are paid on common stocks. 

Types of dividends 

Cash dividends

Cash dividends are paid on common stocks in cash. The companies pay the bonus directly to the brokerage account of the investor.

Stock dividends

Instead of paying cash dividends, the company pays additional stocks to the shareholders.  

Dividend reinvestment program

Investors can participate in a DRIP program and reinvest the dividends to earn compounded returns. Participating in a dividends reinvestment program isn’t mandatory.

Special dividends 

Companies can pay special dividends besides regular dividends to all shareholders holding common stocks. Usually, special dividends are paid on the company’s accumulated profit for several years.

Preferred dividends

Companies issue preferred dividends to preferred stock owners. Preferred stocks are different from common stocks and act more like bonds. 

In November 2022, some company stocks will trade at an ex-dividend rate. Here is a list of upcoming dividend stocks.


The board of the multinational IT company has decided October 27, 2022, as the record date to pay an interim dividend for FY 202-23. The stocks will trade ex-dividend from October 25, 2022. The board approved an interim dividend of Rs 10 to all eligible shareholders on November 9, 2022. 

Cyient is a mid-cap firm operating in the IT software sector and has a market capitalisation value of Rs 8,192.91 crore. 

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ICICI Lombard 

The company’s board has announced paying an interim dividend of Rs 4.50 per share. The bonus will get credited to the investor’s brokerage account on November 16, 2022. The record date for paying dividends is fixed on October 28, 2022. Hence, the shares of ICICI Lombard will trade ex-dividend on October 27, 2022.

ICICI Lombard is a large-cap general insurance company with a market capitalisation value of Rs 57,553.27 crore.


The Indian IT major has declared paying an interim dividend of Rs 16.50 per equity. The board has already accepted the dividends proposal and has fixed October 28, 2022, as the record date. The shares of Infosys will trade ex-dividend from October 27, 2022.

Infosys has a market capitalisation value of Rs 6.51 trillion. 

Focus Business Solution 

Focus Business Solution is a small cap with a market capitalisation of Rs 5.29 crore. The board of Focus Business Solution has approved paying an interim dividend of Rs 0.38 per equity share for FY 22-23. The record date for dividend payment is October 27, 2022. 

The total dividend payout will amount to Rs 8.44 lakh.

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KPI Green Energy 

It is the second time KPI Green Energy has announced an interim dividend this year. Earlier, the company paid dividends of Rs 0.30 per equity share in August 2022. 

The board of the small-cap business has approved paying a dividend of Rs 0.25 per equity share. The record date for calculating dividends is fixed on October 31, 2022.

KPI Green Energy is a small-cap solar energy generation company with a market capitalisation of Rs 1,297 crore. 

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If you are trying to build a stable portfolio, you should always invest a portion of capital into dividend stocks that will generate regular income. Besides, these stocks are also suitable for low-risk investors wanting to protect their money and individuals planning for retirement. Start your investment journey with Angel One. Open your free Demat account today.