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Coromandel International Ltd Launches Nano Fertiliser Plant in Andhra Pradesh

11 June 20243 mins read by Angel One
Coromandel International Ltd launched a state-of-the-art Nano Fertiliser plant in Kakinada, producing advanced Nano DAP and Nano Urea.
Coromandel International Ltd Launches Nano Fertiliser Plant in Andhra Pradesh
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On June 9, 2024, Coromandel International Ltd informed in a stock exchange filing about its state-of-the-art Nano Fertiliser plant launch at its Kakinada complex in Andhra Pradesh. Mr Sankarasubramanian S, Executive Director of Nutrient Business, inaugurated the plant in the presence of the company’s senior leadership team and key channel partners from across the country.

Coromandel’s Kakinada unit manufactures a diverse array of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) grades, boasting an annual capacity of 2 million MT of fertilisers, serving farming communities nationwide. The inauguration of a new Nano facility at its Kakinada complex marks Coromandel’s entry into next-generation fertilisers, poised to revolutionise Indian agriculture.

The new Nano Fertiliser Plant utilises energy-efficient technologies and has a fully automated production line, including a robotic arm for bottling operations. It has the capacity to produce 1 crore bottles of Nano fertilisers per annum and can be scaled up for higher volumes, as well as multiple ranges of Nano fertilisers.

Coromandel has developed Nano fertilisers, such as Nano DAP and Nano Urea, through its in-house Research and Development centre at the IIT Bombay-Monash Research Academy. These nano-sized fertiliser particles ensure optimal nutrient delivery and absorption by plants, potentially replacing conventional fertilisers and increasing crop yield.

The company markets its Nano fertilisers under the brand names “Gromor Nano DAP” and “Gromor Nano Urea.” These environmentally friendly fertilisers have received positive feedback across various regions and crop segments. This response encourages Coromandel to establish a state-of-the-art Nano fertiliser facility in Kakinada to meet nationwide demand. Extensive farmer field trials have been conducted to confirm the efficacy of these Nano fertilisers.

Additionally, Coromandel International has set up a Nano Technology Center in Coimbatore, focusing on Nano applications in agriculture and ensuring the quality of its Nano products. During the launch event, the company recognised key channel partners nationwide who have significantly made Nano DAP accessible to farmers.

Commenting on this launch, the Executive Director of Nutrient Business at Coromandel International Ltd, Mr Sankarasubramanian S, said, “Coromandel’s Nano Fertiliser Plant at Kakinada is a testament to its commitment and dedication to boost nutrient efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and improve the economic viability of farming in India. The government’s push for Nano DAP marks a new era in Indian agriculture, where technology and sustainability go hand in hand. This innovative solution aligns with our goals of enhancing agricultural productivity and farm sustainability, and we believe that Nano fertilisers will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Indian agriculture.”

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