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5 Best Short Selling Strategy

27 June 2016

Short Selling, also referred to as “Shorting” or “Going Short” is often denoted to mean the sale of any security that a seller has borrowed to make the short sale. The seller assumes the borrowed securities price will decline, hence it can be bought back at a diminished price. The seller’s profit or loss is …

How Stock Trading Industry is Taking a Leap Towards digitization

7 June 2016

Digitization of the stock trading industry in India has not only taken giant strides over the last few years but is also here to stay. The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is ranked third globally for Stock & Index Futures and Options. This has been largely due to the state-of-the-art technology deployed by the …

Evolution of Demat & Trading Account

5 June 2016

The digital demat and trading account we take for granted nowadays had very humble beginnings. Read on, to find out about the evolution of demat and trading accounts. We belong to a new era where transformation and change are the only constants. It can also be safely reiterated that communication and knowledge-driven technology are the …

Technical Analysis Strategies for Beginners

30 May 2016

Technical indicators are used by traders and investors for technical analysis. They analyze the past and the present to approximately predict the future. This analysis helps traders to chart future price trends and patterns. Technical traders rely on indicators to help them interpret the market. The goal of the indicators are to find trading opportunities …

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