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Build your fintech business with Angel One’s Smart API

05 August 20225 mins read by Angel One
Build your fintech business with Angel One’s Smart API
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In India, the Fintech market was valued at Rs. 1.9 tn in 2019, and is projected to grow to Rs. 6.2 tn by 2025. When we look at the adoption of digital payments, micro-insurance and financial services in India, the upward curve can be spotted even in our everyday experience. However, stock markets form a major part of innovative fintech products beyond India, and now is an excellent opportunity for Fintech players to disrupt the market by introducing new value propositions to traders – after all, India is home to two of the hottest stock exchanges in the world, where millions of people participate in intense trading on a daily basis, in addition to the occasional investors.

Until now, introducing disruptive products to retail traders in the stock market required cross-skilled expertise and a resilient technology architecture to back your services. Brokerage licenses and marketing-related investments added to the costs of bringing visibility to your product. However, most companies lacked a few of these critical ingredients, and most of them lacked big investments that could bring truly innovative ideas to life. 

SmartAPI: built for the game-changers

With SmartAPI, Angel One is set to change the game, with aspiring fintech leaders like yourself. SmartAPI is a new offering by Angel One which packages critical functionalities to make things happen in the stock market. SmartAPI gives you access to historical and live market data, trade execution, user portfolio management services and other critical functionalities of Angel One’s very own trade execution engine. This helps you fast-track the development of your very own, feature-rich stock market trading platform without going through the hassle of doing everything yourself. Forget the process of obtaining a brokerage license, setting up a trade execution platform, and building the critical functionalities from the ground-up. Sounds cool, right?

Fits well in the modern development paradigms

Let’s see where things start getting really cool. SmartAPI is currently available in five languages: Java, Python, R, Go and NodeJS – that’s right, with SmartAPI, you can not only build an rule based-trading desktop or mobile app, but also modern, NodeJS-backed web applications with world-class user experience. Moreover, we do not plan to stop here – SmartAPI is soon releasing modules in other languages too. With well-documented functions that return the data in a structured and easy-to-understand format within the REST framework, SmartAPI is made for fast-tracking development.

Visibility and support: the critical ingredients of the success recipe

What’s more, SmartAPI is free of cost – which means, you can now start building your unique value proposition for the market with no strings attached. Angel One has been in the game for the last 33 years, and remains the go-to choice of over 1 million loyal customers who trade the markets on a daily basis. With SmartAPI, you can not only start developing your application right after signing up for free, but also make your service visible to these customers from day one – right after it goes live.

SmartAPI is well documented, and setting up an API through our user-friendly dashboard is a breeze. Not only can you get your API up and running within a matter of seconds, your developers also get access to a lively and responsive forum, where innovators like yourself discuss unique and mission-critical problems on a daily basis. SmartAPI is made for those who are set to disrupt the market, support is a crucial part when things don’t work out – which is why we don’t leave support out of the equation.

Lead the shift in the nexus of the fintech equation

SmartAPI does a great job of masking the complexity from your developers, so that they can focus on building the features, rather than getting stuck with coding problems. In India, a lot of offering remains to be made on the intersection of fintech and trading. By leveraging modern development principles and web-services engineering paradigms, the focus is shifting from skills and in-house expertise to uniqueness of ideas. Do you have what it takes to build the next viral product that will become the go-to solution for traders and investors? Sign up for SmartAPI today, and make the move from ideation to prototyping. 

‘Investments in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.’

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