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Angel One’s SuperApp: Your Gateway to #RahoHameshaSuper Experience

07 February 20244 mins read by Angel One
The #RahoHameshaSuper campaign is designed to showcase the remarkable platform features of the SuperApp.
Angel One’s SuperApp: Your Gateway to #RahoHameshaSuper Experience
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To highlight the remarkable features of its SuperApp, a single platform for investing and trading in equities, mutual funds and more, Angel One launched their latest campaign, #RahoHameshaSuper.

The campaign underlines Angel One’s commitment to revolutionise the investment landscape. The second edition of the Angel One SuperApp campaign reaffirms their commitment to enhancing user experience, by delivering top-tier experiences, including speed, security, and reliability, thereby revolutionising the fintech landscape.

Earlier, the successful multi-channel #SuperIsHere campaign introduced the new Angel One SuperApp to the country. Now, the second edition spotlights what makes the SuperApp truly SUPER – its key features of being Fast, Secure and Reliable – appealing to young, aspiring investors and traders across diverse regions. The idea behind this film was to make the superior features of the app relatable and easy to understand for anyone watching it.

At the heart of the campaign lies the SuperApp, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of investors and traders. From online trading and investing to direct mutual funds and sovereign gold bonds, SuperApp is a one-stop destination, simplifying the investment process for individuals from all walks of life.

Under this 360° integrated marketing campaign, Angel One pledges to empower individuals nationwide with their investment, trading and wealth-creation journeys. Users can anticipate a seamless and secure investment and trading experience through the app, surpassing previous standards.

The primary features of the Angel One SuperApp include ensuring swift execution even in areas with poor network connectivity. Prioritising customer satisfaction, the SuperApp’s functionalities are optimised to address changing user needs. Moreover, SuperApp has integrated measures such as two-factor authentication, PIN, and robust portfolio privacy settings to uphold security. These improvements bolster Angel One’s reputation as a reliable and pioneering fintech platform, ensuring secure and assured online trading and investing experiences.

Key highlights of the Angel One SuperApp include ensuring lightning-fast execution even in low-network areas. With a focus on customer-centricity, the SuperApp’s features are enhanced to meet evolving user demands. Furthermore, security remains a top priority with SuperApp, incorporating diverse measures such as two-factor authentication, PIN and robust portfolio privacy options. These enhancements solidify Angel One’s position as a trusted and innovative fintech platform for secure and confident online trading and investing.

Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer, Angel One Limited, expressed his thoughts on the campaign, “RahoHameshaSuper is more than just a campaign; it symbolises a crucial milestone. The campaign spotlights the full potential of the A1 SuperApp, empowering investors and traders with a fast, secure and reliable experience. We have packed the campaign with relatable messages under #AbSamjheKyonHainSuper, specifically targeting Gen Z and young millennials. By showcasing the app’s unique features and benefits, we are expecting a significant  boost in the brand consideration scores and facilitate our growth strategies.”

Mr. Dinesh Thakkar, Chairman & Managing Director, Angel One Limited, said, “Angel One is actively embracing innovation and technology within the SuperApp framework, catering to the requirements of all demographics. As Angel One pivots through the dynamic fintech landscape, our dedication remains steadfast towards our North Star — empowering a billion lives with leading-edge solutions and create the most trusted fintech brand.”

#RahoHameshaSuper campaign employs a versatile, multi-channel approach, utilising digital-first strategies and innovative mediums such as influencers, social media posts, AR filters and QR integration to engage diverse audiences. 


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