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Advantages Mobile First Investors Have Over Other Investors

09 August 20225 mins read by Angel One
Advantages Mobile First Investors Have Over Other Investors
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Stock Market investors and traders who use smartphones for trading have a big advantage over traditional traders who are tied to their seats in front of bulky terminals.  

Mobile technology usage, needless to say, is not only the “in thing’’ but also a concept that is here to dominate the future. Statistics show that one individual in India among three uses a smartphone and 56 per cent of the country’s younger population have switched to smartphones in the last twelve months. This in turn, has also seriously impacted stock trading in Indian markets, particularly by Mobile First Investors who are not only using smartphones, but tablets and even watches to trade in stocks! The Mobile First concept was developed because of the Web’s need to display information more clearly to cater to the demands of an ever growing user-base. This paved the way for developing the RWD or Responsive Web Design.

The principal advantages that Mobile First investors have over their counterparts is that state-of-the-art wireless technology enables them to trade in securities by way of accessing trading platforms using personal phones as against computers and to manage individual portfolios even in the absence of laptops and desktops.

With more and more investors entering the stock market day by day and the huge volumes of trade being conducted on the NSE and BSE daily, Mobile First users have the distinct advantage of getting the correct information when needed and, at the touch of a button, pulling the trigger to close a transaction. The availability of several apps designed to provide the right insights allow investors to trade easily even when they are on the move and eliminates any risk completely.

In fact, the volume of mobile trading in India has doubled over the last twelve months. Time efficiency has completely eliminated the risks of missing out or overlooking any suitable investment opportunity and live streaming of relevant market data on the screens of Mobile First phone users makes it more convenient and easier for investors to remain updated on their portfolio performance. Moreover, security maintained through multiple authentication levels ensures elimination of bad trades or even fraud.

Mobiles also gives its user the additional privilege of payment gateways through all major nationalized and private banks where money can be transferred online in real-time to reap the benefits of daily market price movements. The investor’s buying power gets updated automatically as the amount gets deposited in his bank account. The brokerage payable too, is fair and competitive. You also have the grand advantage of placing your orders even after the markets have closed and the order gets transmitted to the relevant exchange the following working day. This 24 X 7 service is one such unique future that gives mobile users a truly competitive edge and the user also gets to invest in mutual funds and IPO’s with a single tap on his phone screen.

Advanced mobile users will undoubtedly admit that they have ready access to demat holdings, ledger, contract notes and portfolio trackers; details of transactions in the cash, currency & derivatives segments; SMS subscription facilities; information on resistance and support of a specific scrip; facilities for payout request, FAO rollover details as also margin requirements; relevant information on scrips for margin and intraday that is applicable to each scrip, both FAO and cash; the FAO Span Margin which is based on real time calculations; and correct identification of hedging positions that the system offers.

Mobile users also have the privilege to customized services such as access to daily research data with recommendations based on it; daily feedback in terms of demat holdings and effective market tips; and research tools and graphs which help in taking informed trading and / or investment decisions free of cost.

Numerous apps are available in the market today that are aiding smartphone users to engage in even commission-free trades with no minimum balance. There are apps for inexperienced, first-time and younger traders which have allowed trade worth millions. Their easy-to-use interfaces and quick sign-up processes use geolocation to make suggestions on relevant stocks. There are even apps that allow virtual trading with simulations of major world stock exchanges for newcomers to hone their skills or even for testing new strategies which are devoid of any financial risk, usually before they pull the trigger with real investments and portfolios.

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