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A Trader’s Delight : Faster & Sleeker Order Pad

24 April 20236 mins read by Angel One
Angel One’s Trading Web application is super fast & reliable with the last upgrade. Sleek Order Pad, Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts & more updates.
A Trader’s Delight : Faster & Sleeker Order Pad
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We understand your love for big screens and super fast ordering experience.

Also the fact that as a trader, you would not want anything to disturb your charting view. Even if that’s the essential order pad. So we have redesigned our order pad to just do the job for you and not be intrusive. 

You have 4 options on the horizontal toolbar on the Order Pad:

  1. Pick the buy/sell option
  2. Glue the orderpad to current place
  3. Minimise/Maximise  to fit the order pad to your desired size
  4. Close button

Avatar 1: You can pin the orderpad anywhere on your screen

Avatar 2: You can minimise to view more of your charts & less of your order pad

Avatar 3: The Max Order Pad State, for those you who need details

So you will now club the market depth/get quote/ charges view next to the order pad.

Note: You have small swipe icon on the orderpad – Click to see 3 options on the vertical toolbar

Now that you know it is sleek and smooth, let’s take a look at swiftness of our order pad 

It takes less than 200 milli secs to execute an order and you can place more than 18 separate orders in less than 2 sec.

KeyBoard Shortcuts: Just like the terminal

We have also packed more small but important changes  – One of them is keyboard shortcuts, we have just emulated the terminals to keep it consistent for traders onboard. 

SNo Functionality Keyboard key
1 Buy Order pad F1
2 Sell Order pad F2
3 Open Positions F3
4 Portfolio F9
5 Market depth F6
6 Open orders F8
7 Open chart F11
8 Order history Shift+F12
9 Glue to screen Ctrl+shift+G
10 Open search box Ctrl+S
11 Trading balance Ctrl+Shift+V  

What else is new?

We worked further on your investing and trading experiences, so here’s a list of all other enhancements that are getting shipped in this upgrade.

  • The navigation is now on top, its now easy to move across
  • Indices on top right are clickable & you can also access the option chain from here
  • You can also edit the expiry and search for strikes 
  • You can invoke market depth from anywhere – Watchlist/portfolio/orders
  • You can now open charts from portfolio
  • You can hover through orders to note gain/loss without having to change the screen
  • Margin trade funding is buy now pay later 


At Angel One, our goal is to give you the very best trading experience possible. That’s why we will continue to ship on our platform – it’s swift and user-friendly.

To start, all you need to do is simply open demat account with You’ll start trading in no time. With our powerful platform and expert support, you’ll have everything you need to make informed investment decisions and grow your wealth.

At Angel One, we strive to provide you with the best quality service and trading tools available. And with our upgraded trading platform, you can trade seamlessly. So why wait? Take the first step towards your trading success today by opening your Angel One Demat account.


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