4 Things You Should Learn From Dipa Karmakar

9 August 2022
3 mins read
by Angel One
4 Things You Should Learn From Dipa Karmakar

4 Things You Should Learn From Dipa Karmakar

Dipa Karmakar has now become a household name in India. She created a massive buzz when she became the first Indian gymnast to qualify for the 2016 Olympics at Rio. Then she managed to give the entirety of India a certain sense of hope by reaching the finals in the 2016 Olympics by finishing fourth in the women’s vault gymnastics event. That itself was an extremely commendable feat as she is the first Indian female gymnast to take part in this massive sporting event. She did miss the Bronze medal by a very small margin, but nevertheless, she won the hearts of millions of people with her Produnova.

Now, the Produnova is an artistic gymnastic vault which is considered to be the most difficult vault performed in women’s artistic gymnastics. The move is named after Yelena Produnova of Russia who first successfully completed it back in 1999. Leaving the Olympics with medals are one thing but leaving a mark like an entire move named after an athlete is a different ball-game altogether!

But what Karmakar managed to do for her country is stupendous. She has left everyone speechless with her performance despite all the odds that she had to face on her way to Rio. Her indomitable will and risk-taking nature can teach stock market investors a lot of things.

#1: Risk Taking

The Vault of Death has a high risk rating which makes it the most dangerous move in this sport. In order to perform the move, Dipa Karmakar had to take this risk that might cost her, her life. She wanted to make her country proud, and hence she went on to become one of the five women who have landed the vault successfully. The stock market investments too are similar. A stock market investor needs to have a high risk appetite if they want to maximize the profits from their investments.

#2: High Returns

The Produnova is a highly complicated move. Not only that, it is dangerous. It has a complexity score of 7. So, Dipa Karmakar managed to make history by undertaking this calculated risk. So, in order to maximize her returns, she undertook a great deal of risk to do so. Stock market investments behave in a similar fashion as well. If a stock market investment entails a great amount of risk, it probably will give high returns.

#3: Patience & Perseverance

To achieve such success, one needs to be hard-working and patient. Dipa has trained herself vigorously over the years to perform so well. She has disciplined herself so that her moves are perfect. On top of that, she had to be so good that she could compete with the best in this event. She has done so through years of perseverance. Similarly in the stock market, an investor needs to be patient. They need to work hard by conducting thorough research to gain more insights.

#4: Long term Goals

Dipa did not win any medals, but she was extremely close to winning bronze. However that has not disappointed her. She still has her long-term goal in sight, which is to win gold. She is determined to return to Olympics once again to win gold and achieve her target. On a similar note, stock market investors should always keep their long term goal in mind. They should not feel defeated by short-term movements in the market.

What Karmakar manages to teach us are life-lessons that are applicable in the stock market as well.