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2-Factor Authentication on Android: All You Need to Know

05 November 20225 mins read by Angel One
In compliance with SEBI regulations, Angel One is about to introduce the 2-factor authentication system for its Android users in multiple phases by mid-November. 
2-Factor Authentication on Android: All You Need to Know
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Understanding the new system

Under the earlier system, Android users had to enter their Client ID and password in order to log into their Angel One app. However, under the new 2-factor authentication system, they will have to follow the below steps in order to login: 

  1. Enter their Client ID
  2. Following this, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the  mobile number and email address corresponding to the Client ID.
  3. Once the OTP is entered (either directly or through auto-fill from the messages), the user will be asked to set up an MPIN. 
  4. After the MPIN is entered, the login will be successful (once the MPIN is set up, all future logins will be done using that MPIN).
  5. If the user wants, he/she can also use their biometric data (such as Face ID) for enhanced security.

Note: In order to reduce the hassle of the users while entering the OTP every time they try to login, Angel One has made the OTP valid for 7 days. Therefore, once an OTP is used, the user will not have to enter any OTP while logging in for the next 7 days.

Figure 1: Here are the pages for entering Client ID, OTP and setting up PIN (from left to right)

Important: Timeline of the changes 

Angel One will be rolling out the new 2-factor authentication system to its Android users in multiple phases by mid-November. Therefore, there is no cause for concern if your app does not show the new 2-factor authentication system immediately.

Why was this done ?

According to a circular that came into force on 30th September, 2022, depository participants were compelled to ask their users to fill in a 2-factor authentication system for logging into their online platforms each time they want to open their app. Accordingly, Angel One has come up with a system that satisfies regulatory requirements as well as preserves the seamless trading experience for its users as much as possible.

What is 2-factor authentication (2-FA)?

The 2FA or 2-factor authentication is a system that requires the depository participant to offer any two of the following three types of authentication mechanism to users for logging in to their online account-

  1. Knowledge factor (i.e. something that only the user knows) e.g. PIN, password etc.
  2. Possession factor (i.e. something that only the user has) e.g. OTP, security token, authenticator apps on smartphones etc.
  3. Biometrics (i.e. biological identity markers of the person) e.g. fingerprint, face id, pattern etc.

Note: The combination of OTP and an authentication app or a combination of fingerprint and face ID cannot be considered a valid 2FA as authentication from two different classes of mechanisms is necessary to comply with the 2FA requirement.

Angel says

The security of our users as well as their comfort are always a top priority for us – with this in mind, Angel One always strives to bring the highest standards of innovations and trading experience to its users. Join us now by setting up your demat account with us in a matter of minutes and log in securely through our 2FA to trade. Stay safe & Keep investing!


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