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Gold is a precious metal that usually appears in alloys and rarely in its pure form in nature. Because of its unique physical properties, gold is resistant to harmful aspects of air, moisture and heat. Its steep value and its rarity make sure that the gold commodity price remains favourable even in times of inflation. Gold was gleaned in Egypt from 2000 B.C. onwards while the first commodity gold coins were minted in Rome in 50 B.C.

USA, Germany and France have the highest commodity gold reserves in the world. Global stocks of gold commodity rate have continually been increasing in the last few decades, and are presently at an all-time high. This is also because gold, unlike the vast majority of other raw materials, is indestructible, and is inconsumable. Because of this, the total quantity of gold is gradually increasing steadily. The gold commodity price has experienced quite a swell in recent years. In 2008, the gold commodity rate surpassed the 1,000 US dollars per ounce mark, and by 2011, the price of an ounce was 1,600 US dollars.

Properties of Gold

Because of its fascinating properties, gold is one of the prime raw materials for industrial use. The precious metal is easily malleable and is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Because of these properties, gold is used in the electrical industry. Gold has been used in dentistry for over 3000 years. But, commodity gold is used chiefly in the jewellery industry. Gold jewellery takes up around 75 % of the raw mineral. All the continents mine gold, and South Africa is its primary producer. The most important trading hubs for commodity gold are Zurich, New York, London and Hong Kong.

Why Gold Commodity Investments?

Investment in gold is viewed as an extremely safe and crisis-resistant form of capital investment. We can invest in the gold trend today both as security and in the form of a physical purchase. In its physical form, the commodity gold can be purchased from banks, coins, and dealers of precious metals as bars. Keeping gold at banks for safety usually incurs a substantial cost, which can be bypassed if securities are traded. If physically purchased commodity gold is traded as securities, the payment of stock market fees is required. If you want to avoid the possession of gold physically, you can invest in it in the stock exchange, or through brokers through gold certificates or gold ETFs.

Types of Contracts

Gold comes in a variety of categories that you can trade in. It is easy to get confused between these types of contracts, which are Gold (The Big Gold), Gold Mini, Gold Guinea and Gold Petal. It is important to keep the difference between these contracts of gold commodity rates in mind. The lot size for Gold is 1 kilogram, for gold mini, it is 100 gm, 8gm for a gold guinea and 1 gm for the gold petal. The margin percentage of gold mini and Big Gold are roughly the same. The gold guinea and gold petal are small contracts, which demand a small margin.


Gold is a frequently traded contract in MCX. It has generous liquidity, and the Big Gold has an average of 15,000 contracts daily. Commodity gold is still held in high esteem since it is still relevant to the global economy, even though it doesn’t back the U.S. dollar. Central banks and other financial organizations hold around one-fifth of the world’s supply of gold (above ground). An important reason why gold is still relevant in modern society is the fact that it has helped conserve wealth that has been passed down through countless generations, as opposed to paper currencies. Investors view the commodity gold as a safety vault during times of economic and political unrest. Like every other investment, investing in gold has both advantages and disadvantages. If you dislike stocking up physical gold, you can opt for shares in a gold mining company. Investing in gold coins, bullion, or jewellery are paths that you can take to gold-based prosperity. Another gold trend today is investing in the future market if your main goal is using leverage to profit from the escalating gold prices. Whichever form of investment suits you, always check the Commodity gold price live before taking a leap since the gold commodity price today is always fluctuating.