Cardamom Price


Wondering about the cardamom price today? Let’s explore the benefits of this spice and its market rate.

Cardamom is a spice native to the Indian subcontinent and more popularly, Indonesia. It is the third-most-expensive spice in the world, after vanilla and saffron. Harvesting cardamom is a labour-intensive process as it is handpicked, thereby accounting for its high prices.


With the rising harvest of fresh cardamom crops, cardamom prices in India have soared about 35%. At daily auctions held in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the cardamom rate is in the range of Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 3,500 per kg. The current prices are almost double that in the same period last year.

Performance Review

For premium varieties of the spice, market rates have touched a new high of about Rs. 7,000 per kg. The cardamom turnover is expected to be less than half of last year’s harvest, thereby driving the cardamom rate today.


With its unique flavour and intense aroma, cardamom finds usage in cooking. At Idukki, in Kerala, the average price of the commodity is about Rs 4,733 per kg. With the rising demand from North India, owing to the festival season, the prices of cardamom are expected to rise up despite a drop in production.