Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, has multiple industrial uses. By switching out the proportions of copper and zinc, brass can achieve different mechanical and electrical properties to suit a range of applications. Due to its versatility, brass finds widespread use in a host of industries. In this article we will explore the multiple applications of brass and the brass price today.

Brass Price: Learn More About Commodity Brass

Brass is primarily used to make decoration items due to its bright gold-like appearance. It also finds ample usage in applications that require low friction. Some of these include locks, valves, gears, and doorknobs. Brass is one of the most sought after metals for plumbing and electrical works. Durability being one of its robust features, brass is quite popular when it comes to the making of long-term use objects.

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To learn more about the current brass price, read on. Due to its use in decorative and mechanical purposes, brass is expected to be in demand in the years to come. The brass rate today is about Rs.300-Rs.319 per kg which is considered an ideal range to invest in brass futures. Due to the variety of use of brass, from bells to zippers, it is a safe option for those interested in investing in brass futures.