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Why Bahubali Makes a Better Investment than Warren Buffet?

05 August 20226 mins read by Angel One
Why Bahubali Makes a Better Investment than Warren Buffet?
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Even as we write this article, Bahubali II collections have comfortably crossed the Rs.1000 crore Mark. Forget about first week or second week; this is by far the most successful movie in Indian history. And it is not just the producer and the director of the movie who are raking in the moolah. Multiplex companies like PVR and INOX are also laughing all the way to the bank. A movie that rakes in Rs.1000 crore is surely going to benefit a lot of companies and make many investments more valuable. But that is not the focus of this piece! But first, what is the Bahubali story all about?

The movie is all about the intrigues that go on behind the ascension to the throne. But that alone would not have been anything new. We have seen palace intrigues in so many movies before. The story is not about the throne but about Bahubali. A young prince with an incomparable aura and intimidating strength forfeits his right to the throne purely on grounds of principle. Called upon to choose between expediency and principles; Bahubali chooses principles. But that is not all! Even as he forfeits the throne, he never loses sight of the kingdom. His descendants eventually come back to claim the throne which has fallen into evil hands and so it is a happy ending after all. But the real reason the movie became a cult was that it combined principles and old world family values with a lust for power and an indefatigable spirit; creating an amazing medley. Some slick sound effects and special effects only added to the charm.

As Bahubali continues to set new records each day, the question is what can investors and traders cull from the Bahubali story? Interestingly, there are some interesting takeaways from the way the movie was managed and the way the content was built…

  • The waiting game eventually pays off….

Oh, have we not heard that again and again! But that is exactly the takeaway from the Bahubali story. Here is a man who forfeits his right to the throne but never loses sight of the kingdom. Two generations kept gradually chipping away at the kingdom and that is how there was finally redemption. Even in the field of investing, the waiting game eventually pays off. Of course, like Bahubali, you need to keep constantly chipping away at your eventual investment goal.

  • Never compromise on your core investment philosophy…

What does Bahubali do? He gives up on the throne because he does not want to compromise on his principles. You can argue whether that is correct or incorrect, but the fact of the matter is that he stood by his core philosophy and his principles. In the investment arena too, your strategy is built on your core philosophy and investment principles. Even as you are flexible with the changing situations, you must not falter on your core investment goal.

  • Never let your emotions get the better of your judgement…

This was the underlying theme of Bahubali; the character. Whether he was confronted by his affection towards his mother or his commitment towards his wife, Bahubali never allowed emotion to get the better of his judgement. Emotions are your biggest enemy while investing. You normally tend to follow the herd mentality and you tend to get swept away by emotions. Like Bahubali, your investment decisions must be driven by cold logic and incisive analysis. Your decisions may appear to be wrong, but that is not really material.

  • Focus on your work ethic; and that alone will make you successful…

The one thing that stood out about Bahubali was that he never gave up on his work ethic irrespective of the situation. Whether he was living in his kingdom in the lap of luxury or amidst the commoners, his work ethic was always the same. Bahubali underlines that a champion is identified by work ethic. That applies equally well to your investments too. Investment is not an activity but a process. The more thorough, more hardworking and the more meticulous you are, the greater are your chances of success in your investment journey.

  • Greed at the wrong time can eventually be your undoing…

That comes out vividly from the Bahubali story. Bahubali’s brother succumbs to greed and that eventually proves to be his undoing. Bahubali, on the other hand, was greedy at the right time, while his brother was greedy at the wrong time. Similarly, in the investment arena you need to know when to be greedy and when to be fearful. Greed at the bottom of the investing cycle and Fear at the top is positive. The reverse can be disastrous for you.

  • If you have paid a huge cost, the returns well be worth it…

Bahubali pays a huge price throughout his life. He forfeits the throne, which was his for the asking. He also gives up a life of luxury to live in the forests and among the commoners. Eventually, he also gives up his own life. But the battle continues and eventually the kingdom is in their hands. It was ensured that the price paid was worth it. That is very important in investments. Most of us tend to trade and invest without understanding the actual costs and the opportunity costs. We hold on to our investments for a long time and get out at the wrong time. Ensure that when you have waited for long and paid a huge cost, your returns are worth it.

Apart from the content of the story, the movie itself had some interesting takeaways…

  • It proved that you do not need big stars to create a blockbuster movie. That is true of your portfolio too. You need star potential; not just superstars in your investment portfolio
  • A successful movie is all about being in the right place at the right time. That is how Bahubali was positioned by the director. That is how your investment portfolio also must be positioned too.
  • Lastly, sequels do work in reality. It worked for Francis Ford Coppola in “Godfather” and it worked in case of Bahubali too. Even in your investment portfolio, profit booking is not the end of your relationship with the stock. There are sequels and there are successful sequels…

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