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Top 5 Infrastructure Funds Of 2024 With Multibagger Returns

22 February 20243 mins read by Angel One
This article provides an analysis of the infrastructure sector, highlighting key developments, policy reforms and investment avenues.
Top 5 Infrastructure Funds Of 2024 With Multibagger Returns
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India’s economic landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with its infrastructure sector emerging as a focal point for growth and investment. Over the past decade, significant reforms and policy initiatives have propelled India towards becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

With a projected GDP growth trajectory set to elevate India to the third-largest economy by 2027, investors are increasingly eyeing the potential within the country’s infrastructure domain. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of India’s infrastructure sector, highlighting key developments, policy reforms, and investment avenues, with a focus on Multibagger Infrastructure funds.

Infrastructure Growth Trajectory

India’s infrastructure sector has witnessed robust growth, backed by substantial government investments and policy reforms. The 2024 budget outlay underscores the government’s commitment to infrastructure development, with a significant allocation of Rs 11.11 lakh crore, representing 3.4% of the GDP.

Key sectors such as roads and railways are receiving substantial funding, with allocations of Rs 2.72 lakh crore and Rs 2.52 lakh crore, respectively. These investments aim to bolster the nation’s infrastructure backbone, fostering economic growth and development.

Multibagger Infrastructure Funds

Investors seeking exposure to India’s infrastructure boom have a plethora of options through Multibagger Infrastructure funds. These funds primarily focus on capital appreciation and income distribution by investing in equity or equity-related securities of infrastructure-focused companies.

The table below highlights some of the top-performing funds in this category, showcasing their impressive three-year absolute returns and assets under management (AUM).

Fund 3Y Absolute returns (%) Aum (Rs crore)
Quant Infrastructure Fund Direct Growth 215 1636.4
ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Direct Growth 174.3 4,574.50
HDFC Infrastructure Direct Plan Growth 158.4 1,475.50
Nippon India Power & Infra Fund Direct Growth 156.6 3,884.90
Franklin Build India Direct Fund Growth 141.2 2,034.70


India’s infrastructure sector presents compelling investment opportunities amidst rapid economic growth and policy reforms. With substantial government allocations and regulatory initiatives driving the sector forward, investors can capitalize on Multibagger Infrastructure funds to benefit from this growth trajectory.

As India marches towards its vision of Viksit Bharat, prudent investment in infrastructure funds can pave the way for wealth creation and portfolio diversification. The numbers speak for themselves, highlighting the impressive performance of these funds and underscoring their potential as lucrative investment avenues in India’s infrastructure story.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. The information is based on various secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult with a financial expert before making investment decisions.

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