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Now Use TradeEasy to Search Stocks Quicker on the Angel One App!

12 September 20236 mins read by Angel One
Now find a stock based on its key characteristics on the Angel One app itself! Experience the enhanced stock search and order journey today!
Now Use TradeEasy to Search Stocks Quicker on the Angel One App!
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For those who are beginners in the world of equity investments, exploring the various stocks in the market or placing the correct order can be a little daunting at first. Even for regular investors, it is hard to narrow down to a stock without basing your search on key stock characteristics such as sector or market cap.

But worry no more! Angel One now brings you TradeEasy, our new equity searching tool, that will help you navigate the stock market with rising confidence!

What’s New?

We are offering a much simpler journey for beginners and regulars alike to find the right stocks to buy, on our platform. The key is to allow you to search for stocks based on the criteria of your choice!

How Can I Start Exploring Stocks on Angel One?

If you are new to the stock market and have not bought any scrips yet, you can start your exploration of stocks from multiple entry points:

  1. You can choose to start exploring stocks from the Tools section on the Home page.

enter tradeasy under tools

Fig.: TradeEasy under the Tools section

  1. You can click on ‘Start Now’ next to the message requesting you to place an order, on the top of your Home page.
  2. You can click on ‘VIEW’ next to an invitation to view our stock recommendations at the bottom of the Watchlist.
  3. You can also go to the Order and click on ‘START NOW’.

enter via homepage notificationenter from watchlist

Fig.: Enter TradeEasy from the Homepage (left), from the Watchlist by clicking ‘VIEW’ (middle), and from Portfolio by clicking ‘START NOW’ (right).

Note: Once you buy your first scrip, the last 3 entry points will become unavailable. But you will always be able to enter the enhanced stock search from the Tools section.

Once you have entered the journey to find your first stocks, you will reach the main discovery page where you will be offered the following curated lists of stocks that you can check out:

  1. Easy on Pocket – This list will have stocks with low market prices. You could choose stocks that are priced at less than ₹2000 or ₹100 or even less than ₹50.
  2. Trending Stocks – The most actively traded stocks on Angel One for the day will be on this list.
  3. Top Gainers – This list will have stocks with the highest percentage gains from the previous closing price.
  4. Top Losers – This list has the stocks with the highest percentage losses from the previous day’s closing price.
  5. Sector in Focus – This includes sectors with higher scrip counts and relevance.
  6. 52 Week High – This includes the list of stocks that have hit their 52 week high today .
  7. 52 Week Low – This includes the list of stocks that have hit their 52 week low today.
  8. Custom Search – This will allow you to narrow your search based on a category of your preference rather than the ones mentioned above.

Each of these lists will be presented on separate cards on the screen. Clicking on a particular card will take you to the entire list in that category. 

For the first three lists, you can easily filter the extended list by clicking on the filter icon on the top right. Clicking on any of the stocks will take you to the detailed page of the individual stock.

However, to reduce any possible confusion, the individual stock page is much simpler than the standard one, with only the chart and important details, along with the option to buy the stock. For the same reason, once you choose to buy the scrip, you will be shown a simplified orderpad with only the options of limit order and market order.

curated lists page

Fig.: Curated lists (left and centre) and individual stock page (right)

If you do not have adequate funds in your account at the time of the order, you will be provided the option to jump to the section for adding funds directly from the orderpad.

Custom Search

This is one of the most innovative features that will significantly cut down the time and effort required by you to narrow down your search for stocks. When you click on the ‘Custome Search’ card, you will be given the option to narrow down your search based on the following metrics:

  • Index e.g. Nifty, Sensex, etc.
  • Market Cap or Market Capitalisation  
  • Sector e.g. Banking, IT, etc.
  • Price
  • Tags e.g. Active Today, Top Gainers, etc.

You can use these features to narrow down your search for stocks with a particular set of features. For example, you can adjust the above metrics in order to find of list of large-cap stocks from IT, FMCG and Automobile sectors that come under Nifty 500. To reach this list, you just have to choose Nifty 500 under ‘Index’, ‘Large Cap’ under Market Cap and  ‘IT’, ‘FMCG’ and ‘Automobile’ under Sector.


Fig.: Custom Search on TradeEasy

Once you place an order you can keep track of it under the open orders positions like any other standard order. 

Benefits of the New Feature

  1. With the new stock discovery journey, easily accessible from the Tools section on the Home page, you can find stocks based on the key characteristics that you want to see in the stocks in your portfolio. 
  2. With the option to choose stocks that are priced low, you can make your first few trades without taking too much pressure. It will help you ease your way into the world of investing by making small amounts of trades in the initial days. The same goes for the simplified orderpad which will ensure that you are not perplexed by the long list of advanced orders otherwise available on Angel One.
  3. Categories such as trending stocks or top gainers will help you get a grasp of the movements in the stock market. Moreover, they can also play with the different combinations of stock features under the custom search option which will help them understand the basic differences between the various stocks available in the market.

Final Words

Try out the new stock discovery tool and tell us about your experience on the Angel One community page! If you do not have a demat account yet, open your account with Angel One today!

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