Lava International files its DRHP with SEBI

5 August 2022
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Lava International files its DRHP with SEBI

Lava International files IPO papers with the market regulator SEBI to raise funds. As per the draft red herring prospectus (DRHP), the public offer will comprise fresh issuance of shares amounting to Rs. 500 crores. Additionally, it will consist of an OFS of 4,37,27,603 shares.

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Lava International IPO Composition and Other Details

Here’s a quick breakdown of Lava International’s OFS in brief:

  • Hari Om Rai: 1.25 crores equity shares
  • Sunil Bhalla: A total of 78.38 lakh shares
  • Shailendra Nath Rai: A maximum of 31.35 lakh shares
  • Vishal Sehgal: 78.38 lakh shares
  • Unic Memory Technology: A maximum of 1.13 crores shares
  • Tupperware Kitchenware: 9.75 lakh shares

With its net proceeds, the company plan to achieve the following goals:

  • Fund acquisitions
  • Finance strategic initiatives
  • Invest in material subsidiaries
  • Inject working capital

So, who is Going to Lead this Upcoming IPO?

Lava International has appointed entities such as DAM Capital, Axis Capital, SBI Capital Markets, and BOB Capital as its lead merchant bankers.

That said, let us proceed to find out about Lava International to gauge its market presence.

This company is considered to be among the market leaders when it comes to domestic mobile handset manufacturers and companies. Lava International specialises in designing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and servicing tablets, handsets, and other electronics accessories.

It also extends value-added software services and provides products and services under its ‘XOLO’ and ‘LAVA’ brands. This company has a widespread presence in international markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Bangladesh, and the Middle East.

Final Word

Since Lava International has only recently filed its draft papers with the market regulator, it is very much in its initial IPO stage. That means it has to carry out multiple formalities before floating its shares in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will Lava International float its IPO?

Lava International has provided no details about its initial public offer timeline.

  1. What will be the issue type of Lava International IPO?

Lava International has not shared its details regarding its initial public offer issue type.

  1. What will be the issue size of Lava International IPO?

Lava International IPO comprises shares amounting to Rs. 500 crores and an OFS of 4,37,27,603 shares.