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Here’s something that can help you achieve your dream!

09 August 20226 mins read by Angel One
Here’s something that can help you achieve your dream!
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When you look at very successful people, do you wonder if they have something that you don’t? Well, by now they might have something that you don’t – the results of the dreams that they had seen, and that they had worked on after dreaming of achieving them. But what if someone told you that this was, in fact, the only difference between you and those very successful people, or your role models? This might be true to a great extent.

Whether you believe this or not, here are four proven steps to achieve your dream – try it for yourself, and you will come to believe in yourself and accomplish what you had merely imagined until now.

Step 1: Dream it!

Yes, you read it correctly. If you have dreamed of accomplishing something, you are already one step ahead of those who haven’t. Wouldn’t you agree? In fact, one of the twentieth century’s greatest physicists, Alber Einstein said that those with big dreams are more powerful than ones with all the facts. The fact of the matter is that big dreams bring something really strong into your mind, and that strength is will power. 

There is another aspect to having big dreams – they define which direction your life is headed in, to a great extent. A person with big dreams is driven to do things that will help them translate it into a reality. Also understand that your dreams must be rooted in reality – it might not be possible for you to become a millionaire over the next week – but think of it realistically, and it might be very possible to do it in twenty to thirty years. 

So you have dreamed a dream. But if you actually want to achieve it, you need to start making it real – which takes us to the next step.

Step 2: Tell it!

If you keep your dream to yourself, there are two downsides for you. First comes from the nature of big dreams – and that is difficulty. Big dreams are by virtue, difficult to achieve – in fact, some are not even bold enough to dream about achieving them. But that’s up to your inner voice. If you are serious about achieving your dream, then you see possibility where others see impossibility.

If you tell someone that you want to start from scratch with an average job, buy a house outside India and retire there early, they might find it impossible to attain. But here is one secret for you. If you tell the same to your close friends and family, they will empower you, and root for you. They will validate it, encourage you to give it your all, and make your dreams real.

What this also does – is that it increases your self-confidence. You start believing in yourself more and more. Once this belief in your dream and your ability to achieve it is established, you are only two steps away from living in that reality.

Step 3: Plan it!

Dreams are just dreams until you know how to achieve them. Take Riya’s dream for example. A gig worker by the day and a trader by night, Riya wants to become a millionaire and move to her own house in the hills by the time she becomes fifty. Fortunately, she just came out of college and is only 20 – therefore she has thirty years to make her dream come true. 

But will it come true without a plan in place? This is why having a game plan is so important. For this step, you should first make your dream as specific as possible. Don’t think about building a retirement fund for example – talk specifically, just as you would when communicating a trade to be executed over the phone. Therefore, your plan to build a retirement fund should look something like this: I want to build a retirement fund of sixty lacs within the next twenty years. The difference is that your dream has now become an achievable objective. The next task is to research, think, ask and come up with a plan for how it can be done. For example, if you want to retire with sixty lacs within twenty years, research online about how others have done this. What resources are available to you, and what schemes offer a decent return rate on investments? How much risk is involved in these plans?

Formulate a strategy, and boil it down to what needs to be done as a first step.

Step 4: Do it!

This is the last stage of achieving your dream. At this step, you will probably come to realize something very crucial – and that is, the power of habit. Remember when we talked about becoming a millionaire within 20 years? A million dollars is almost seventy-four lacs in rupees. Sounds like a big amount? Well, check this out – all you need to do, is to save Rs. 150 every day, and invest it in a decent equity-based mutual fund. 

Now read that last sentence again – the two parts that stand out, are – save Rs. 150, and everyday. The first part is your first step – this is what you need to do now. The second part is that power of habit that we were talking about. Do the first step, and then keep repeating it. This is an elegant plan, wouldn’t you agree? A big dream, backed by a simple, actionable game strategy, that can be followed by taking small, life-sized actions.

And that’s all there is to making your dreams come true. Dream it, tell it, plan it and do it. But on your way, don’t forget the power of habit, and your will power to turn your dreams into reality. Angel One wishes you the best on this challenging new journey.

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