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Get All the Details of ONGC’s Q3 Results Here!

10 August 20234 mins read by Angel One
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As a slew of companies revealed their Q3 FY 22 results, ONGC also reported its third-quarter results on 11 February 2022. This company showed massive profits again and is ready to pay dividends to its shareholders. On that note, let’s look at some of the details of the Q3 results of ONGC.

Key Highlights of the ONGC’s Q3 Results

The quarter 3 results of ONGC for FY 22 were primarily positive. The highlights of the results are listed below.

  • PAT (Profit After Tax)

The consolidated profit after tax of ONGC for the third quarter of FY 22 is Rs. 11,637 crores. This figure is up from the last fiscal’s quarter 3 results by 220%. The PAT for that quarter was Rs. 3,637 crores. However, the PAT was lower on a sequential basis for this company than the previous quarter’s PAT value. This profit was 38% lower, as the PAT from the previous quarter was Rs. 18,749 crores.

ONGC had received a current and deferred tax credit of Rs 9,320 crores in the previous quarter. Adjusting for this tax credit leads the PAT to be a 23% increase.

  • Consolidated Revenue

Consolidated revenue stood at Rs. 1.46 lakh crores for the third quarter, it is up by 45% when compared to the Rs. 1 lakh crore consolidated revenue of the same quarter in the previous financial year. This figure showed a value of Rs. 1.22 lakh crores in this previous quarter.

More on the Performance of ONGC by Sector

  • Exploration and Production Business

This company’s E&P, which is the exploration and production business, generated revenues amounting to Rs. 28,408 crores for this quarter. This figure happens to be up by 67.3% from the same quarter of the previous financial year and a 17% sequential growth.

  • Refining and Marketing

Revenues for this sector grew 40.4% year on year. It rose to Rs. 1.29 lakh crores from Rs. 0.92 lakh crores of Q3 FY 21. The growth in R&M revenues stood at 22%.

Bottom Line

These were the Quarter 3 results of ONGC. EBITDA for this company is Rs. 21,240. The EBITDA has increased from both the previous year and the previous quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the dividend declared by this company for FY 2021-22?

This company has declared a dividend of Rs. 1.75 for each equity share. These shares have a face value of Rs. 5.

  1. When will these dividends be paid?

On 22 February 2022, there will be a decision to decide the eligibility of this company’s shareholders. Dividends will be paid on 12 March 2022.

  1. What is the share value of ONGC?

As of 11 February 2022, ONGC closed at Rs. 168.15, which was down by Rs. 0.95 on the National Stock Exchange. As of writing on 14 February 2022, the shares of ONGC were trading at Rs. 168.65 apiece on NSE.

Disclaimer: This blog is exclusively for educational purposes and does not provide any advice/tips on investment or recommend buying and selling any stock.

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