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Fischer Medical Ventures and BluSim Tech Partner to Revolutionise Nursing Home Care

10 June 20243 mins read by Angel One
Fischer MVL strategically invests in a portfolio of high-tech diagnostic solutions. This strategic collaboration with BluSim Tech Pte Ltd marks a significant milestone in its journey.
Fischer Medical Ventures and BluSim Tech Partner to Revolutionise Nursing Home Care
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Fischer Medical Ventures Ltd (Fischer MVL), a leading force in India’s healthcare technology sector, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with BluSim Tech Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based pioneer in real-time monitoring solutions for elderly care. This collaboration aims to transform nursing home care on a global scale.

Fischer MVL: A Legacy of Innovation

Fischer MVL, formerly known as Fischer Chemic Limited, has a distinguished track record of innovation in medical technology (MedTech). Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Time Medical International Ventures (India) Private Limited, Fischer MVL became the first company in India to manufacture advanced, high-quality, and cost-efficient Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems. Beyond medical imaging, Fischer MVL strategically invests in a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge diagnostic solutions.

A Strategic Alliance for Enhanced Care

This partnership with BluSim Tech Pte Ltd. signifies a significant milestone for Fischer MVL. It expands its healthcare product portfolio and strengthens its offerings in medical imaging and diagnostics. The combined expertise of these two companies aims to redefine healthcare through advanced technologies and unparalleled knowledge.

BluSim Tech: Pioneering Contactless Patient Monitoring

BluSim Tech Pte Ltd is a renowned Singaporean health-tech company committed to transforming the elder care industry. Their innovative technology, Ballistocardiography, offers a non-invasive method for monitoring a patient’s health. This technique measures body motion caused by blood flow during the cardiac cycle.

Looking Ahead

This groundbreaking partnership between Fischer MVL and BluSim Tech has the potential to revolutionise nursing home care globally. By combining Fischer MVL’s expertise in medical imaging and diagnostics with BluSim Tech’s innovative contactless monitoring solutions, this collaboration promises to create a future where nursing homes can provide enhanced care and improved patient well-being.

“We are thrilled to hold the exclusive & global rights to market and distribute BluSim Tech products in this huge and growing elder care sector. This strategic partnership marks a new era in healthcare technology, driving innovation and advancing the future of elderly care, where we endeavour to deliver unparalleled value to nursing homes across India and beyond,” said Mr Ravindran Govindan, Chairman and Managing Director.

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