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Dividend Paying Stocks in March 2023

02 March 20235 mins read by Angel One
Dividends, big and small, are always good news for investors. Check out if any of your stocks come under the list and when their dividends will be paid to you!
Dividend Paying Stocks in March 2023
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Companies take out a portion of their earnings and pay them to their investors as dividends (the remaining amount gets re-invested to fund their future growth). Dividends are commonly paid by big companies as a reward to their shareholders for investing in their stocks. 

These dividends act as an added incentive for the investor to stay invested and may offset the investor’s losses due to a drop in the share price. Therefore, companies which pay regular dividends may enjoy high demand.

Dividend stocks (i.e. stocks that pay significant dividends) are excellent tools for diversifying and adding a source of additional cash flow to your portfolio. 

Companies pay dividends on preferred and common stocks. However, unlike preferred shares, the dividend payment is not assured for common stocks.

Dividend yield shows how much a company is paying as a dividend relative to the price per share. You can calculate which company is paying higher dividends for a given level of investment with the dividend yield formula.  

The amount paid as dividend is fixed per share (as it is expressed as a percentage of the face value) and is not based on the market value of each share. Because of that, the value of the dividend yield fluctuates based on the stock’s current market price.

Companies can pay dividends in cash or stocks i.e. ‘scrip dividend’, quoted on a per-share basis or as a percentage. For instance, if a company announces 5% or 0.05 per share dividends, investors will receive one share for every 20 shares they hold.

List of stocks about to pay dividends in March 2023

Name of the stock Dividend Type Dividend (%)* Announcement date Record date Ex-dividend date
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Interim 7.50 14-02-2023 01-03-2023 01-03-2023
K Solves Interim 30.00 22-02-2023 04-03-2023 03-03-2023
Hinduja Global Interim 25.00 13-02-2023 06-03-2023 06-03-2023
Marico Interim 450.00 17-02-2023 08-03-2023 08-03-2023
SRU Steels Ltd Interim 0.00 27-02-2023 20-03-2023 20-03-2023
CRISIL Final 2300.00 17-02-2023 31-03-2023

*The Dividend (%) above is with respect to the face value of the stock. This means, if the face value of the stock is Re. 1 and the dividend being paid is Rs. 23, then the dividend (%) is 2300% of Re 1.


If any of the stocks in your portfolio are featured on this list, then you can expect some cash flow very soon! Keep following the Angel One blog for more updates on the latest dividend paying stocks,upcoming IPOs, and more.

Disclaimer: This article has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities quoted are only examples and not recommendations.


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