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Coal India’s Q3 Net Profit Hikes 48% with Interim Dividend

22 September 20223 mins read by Angel One
Coal India’s Q3 Net Profit Hikes 48% with Interim Dividend
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Coal India Ltd., a Maharatna public sector undertaking, has generated Rs. 4,556 crores consolidated net profit during FY 22 Q3 ended in December 2021 ─ marking a surge from Rs. 3,084 crores in FY 21 Q3. Isn’t this 48% growth astounding? To know more, keep scrolling!

Get an Insight into Coal India’s Revenue!

The sales of Coal India increased from Rs. 21,708 crores in FY 21 Q3 to Rs. 25,991 crores in FY 22 Q3, growing by 20%. Similarly, the revenue from its operations hiked 20% from Rs. 23,686 crores during the 3rd quarter of FY 21 to Rs. 28,433 crores during FY 22 Q3.

Furthermore, the Board gave approval to the payment of the 2nd interim dividend, amounting to Rs. 5 per share in FY 2021-22. The record date for paying the 2nd interim dividend is set on 22 February 2022. The PBT (profit before tax) increased by 33% from Rs. 4,742 crores in FY 21 Q3 to Rs. 6,302 crores in FY 22 Q3.

Know More About Its Dividend!

Coal India’s 1st interim dividend stood at Rs. 9 per share during December 2021 to support the Central Government’s growing expenditure amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Its interim dividend outgo is nearly Rs. 5,546 crores with the government as the greatest beneficiary ─ receiving around Rs. 3,667 crores against its above 66% share in this coal giant.

What Is the Production Scenario?

The raw coal production improved from Rs. 156.78 million tons in FY 21 Q3 to Rs. 163.82 million tons in FY 22 Q3. Meanwhile, this quarter reports the offtake at 173.77 million tons. The same stood at 154.46 million tons during FY 21 Q3.

Wrapping Up

Coal India’s total dividend payout in the current financial year is expected to be more than FY 2020-21. This is because of a stirring growth in profit and healthy revenue opportunities.

The entity aims to achieve a fuel output target of 1 billion tonnes by 2023-24 through an investment of Rs. 1.22 lakh crores on some innovative projects related to clean coal technologies, exploration and coal evacuation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Coal India’s share price on NSE?

On Monday, 14 February 2022, Coal India’s share price was Rs. 161.70 apiece on NSE, falling 2.88%.

2. In which year was Coal India Ltd. formed?

The Government of India formed Coal India Ltd. in November 1975. The First Five Year Plan felt the requirement of coal production in India.

3. What was the record-breaking coal production month for CIL?

In March 2020, Coal India produced 84.36 million tonnes of coal, breaking the monthly record since its inception.

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