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Check Out The May 2024 Sales Volume of Shyam Metallics

14 June 20243 mins read by Angel One
Shyam Metallics, the leading integrated metal-producing company, released its sales results for May 2024. In this period, it recorded a growth of 82.57% in stainless steel sales.
Check Out The May 2024 Sales Volume of Shyam Metallics
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On June 10, 2024, Shyam Metallics & Energy Ltd, a leading integrated metal-producing company based in India focused on long steel products and ferroalloys, released sales data for May 2024. Realisations on sales of stainless steel climbed by 34.07% compared to the previous year, while volumes increased by 82.57% year on year. Stainless Steel volumes decreased by 28.12% on a monthly basis, but realisations improved by 8.27%.

Aluminium foil sales decreased by 2.74% compared to the previous year, while quantities climbed by 57.79% year on year. On a monthly basis, volumes climbed by 53.81%, while realisations increased by 8.12%.

Speciality Alloy volumes declined by 12.57% year on year, while realisations decreased by 0.79%. On a month-over-month basis, Speciality Alloys realisations grew by 4.78% and volumes by 8.71%.

Carbon Steel sales increased by 27.28% year on year, but realisations decreased by 6.47%. Volumes increased by 7.11% month over month, while realisations increased by 2.19%.

Pellet sales volumes decreased by 41.30% year on year, but realisations improved marginally by 0.28%. The sale of pellets increased by 40.88% on a monthly basis, while realisations increased by 1.61%.

Particulars May FY 2025 May FY 2024
Stainless Steel 
Quantity in Tonnes 4,949 2,711
Average Realisation Per Tonne 1,37,531 1,02,581
Aluminium Foil 
Quantity in Tonnes 2,058 1,304
Average Realisation Per Tonne 3,34,451 3,43,887
Speciality Alloys 
Quantity in Tonnes 16,357 18,709
Average Realisation Per Tonne 97,823 98,603
Carbon Steel 
Quantity in Tonnes 2,22,077 1,74,483
Average Realisation Per Tonne 40,059 42,829
Quantity in Tonnes 71,226 1,21,341
Average Realisation Per Tonne 8,948 8,923

About Shyam Metalics And Energy Limited (SMEL)

Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited (SMEL), a leading multi-metal conglomerate with footprints in carbon steel, stainless steel, speciality alloys and aluminium foil, along with captive power plants.

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