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Check Out the Latest Features on the Angel One iOS Releasing This August

08 August 20236 mins read by Angel One
This release has been all about bringing you an enhanced Portfolio page that presents more information at your fingertips as well as makes the page more navigable.
Check Out the Latest Features on the Angel One iOS Releasing This August
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The Angel One Super app is destined to be your one-stop solution for your trading and investment needs. Making the Portfolio section on your Super app more inclusive and easy to use is a step in that direction. The features released this early August, are designed to make the Super app your preferred investment vehicle!

Let us now see some of the important changes made – 

Major Enhancements on Portfolio 

The following are the top improvements brought to the Portfolio page on the Angel One iOS Super app!

  • Now track your bonds’ performance on Angel One Super App Portfolio

It no longer matters through which platform you invested in the bonds – you can now track their performance directly on the Angel One Portfolio. These bonds can be a part of your off-market transactions or transactions done on other investment platforms. All you have to do is transfer the investment to your Angel One account. 

Tracking the performance of your bonds on the same platform as your stocks and mutual funds will help you understand the returns being earned by your portfolio overall. It makes tracking your varied investments easier and quicker than ever before.

Bonds in portfolio

  • Security holding information on Portfolio

When you choose to view a particular stock in your portfolio, you can now see a more detailed breakdown of the stock. For each stock you will be able to see the exact quantities of that stock that fall under –

  1. Free Quantity i.e. stocks that were bought as delivery, are settled and are not pledged.
  2. Unsettled Quantity or ‘T1 Quantity’ i.e. quantity that is not settled yet.
  3. CUSPA Quantity i.e. securities that you have not fully paid for.
  4. MTF Quantity i.e. quantity which was bought as MTF and is pledged.
  5. Pledged Quantity i.e. quantity that is pledged for margin.

security info

In addition, you will also be able to see the number of shares that are blocked.

  • Blocked Quantity on Portfolio 

For each stock, you will now be able to view the following quantities – 

  1. Tradable quantity
  2. Blocked for trade quantity
  3. Bonus quantity yet to be credited

These features will help you understand the breakdown of your investments and identify how many of the stocks that you own that you can trade at any given point of time.

  • Sort by today’s gain and loss

You can now sort the assets in your portfolio as per the level of gains or losses that they have experienced on that day, since the previous closing.

But wait! There is more!

In addition to the improvements in the Portfolio, there are a few more new features that we wish to highlight!

Other New Features

  1. Now access trades and charges for 180 days or 6 months instead of the 30 days that were available earlier. This will allow you to analyse a much larger pool of data and understand your trading patterns even better.
  2. At the end of ‘Holdings Breakup’, you will find an option to ‘Download All Transaction’. Clicking this will allow you to download the history of all your transactions related to that asset.
  3. To prevent potential issues in adding funds, new users will be shown the necessary guidelines whenever they are about to add funds to their Angel One account.

Final Words

Angel One is poised to be a cutting-edge platform to meet all your investing needs, with a variety of features, all designed to help you make successful investments seamlessly. Join the Angel One community today, to benefit from regular feature updates and discussions with fellow investors!

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