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Check Out the Exciting iOS Features Released in the Second Half of June

05 July 20236 mins read by Angel One
The latest features on the Angel One iOS app offer a fine mix of increased navigability, control over your data privacy as well as easy access to crucial data.
Check Out the Exciting iOS Features Released in the Second Half of June
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What is New?

  1. Use the global search option to easily access key information such as scrip details, important sections in the app and useful articles and FAQs.
  2. Hide sensitive information in your Portfolio and Portfolio Analyser pages before sharing screenshots or downloaded reports.

Global Search for Easier Navigability

Navigating an app with a large number of important data points and features could be a bit challenging for new users. You will have to remember the routes to multiple pages in order to operate the app efficiently.

To solve this issue, we have introduced the global search option. It is designed to allow users to – 

  1. Quickly find top trending stocks by entering keywords.
  2. Reach specific sections within the app via a single click.
  3. Access the list of recent searches easily.
  4. Search relevant stocks using the name of their industry, sector or even product.
  5. Search relevant articles and FAQs using keywords.

For example, if you want to reach the Add or Withdraw Funds page, simply go to the search bar, reach ‘Jump to’ and type in ‘Add or Withdraw Fund’. You will see the sections coming up in the suggestions – click on ‘Add/Withdraw funds’ and you will reach your desired page!

jump to

With this search tool, you do not have to remember where to find a piece of information or how to reach a certain page. Simply search the relevant keywords and the app will find the page for you in an instant!

Hiding Your Portfolio Information

If you want to share offline reports and screenshots of your portfolio, you may still want to hide sensitive data points for purposes of privacy. In such cases, you can now hide key numbers of your portfolio on the app as well as downloadable reports.

You can do so by choosing the option on your ‘Portfolio’ page to hide all the critical information via a single click on the hide icon. You can also choose this option on the summary card on your Homepage as well.

When you choose to hide portfolio information, the following data points will be represented with ******:

On the Summary card,

  1. Invested Value
  2. Market Value
  3. Absolute value of overall unrealised gains/losses (though the percentage change will be visible)
  4. Absolute value of daily gains/losses (though the percentage change will be visible)

On the Scrip level, all the above data will be hidden, as well as the quantity of assets held. But the asset’s LTP (i.e. Last Traded Price) and percentage changes in both LTP and Unrealised Gain/Loss will be visible.

portfolio hidePortfolio analyser hide

On Holding details, all the aforementioned data will be hidden, as well as the absolute values of realised gains/losses. However, the percentage value of the realised gains/losses will still be visible.

Of course, you can easily click on the unhide button to open up the hidden information. Hiding your details from the home page will also hide those details in the Portfolio page as well and vice versa.

You can also hide and unhide information on your Portfolio Analyser, via a single click.

This option will be available on the summary card inside the analyser as well as the Market, Sector and Top Holdings sections.  On the summary card, you can hide invested value, market value, absolute values of overall and daily gains and losses. When you hide the information from the summary card, the market value of your holdings also get hidden in the Market, Sector and Top Holdings sections (although the percentage weightage will be visible).

Pop-up on Latest Features

When you open a new version of the Angel One app for the first time, you will see a pop-up message, saying ‘What’s new’. This message will contain a list of all the new features that you can benefit from in the latest version of the app. It will give you a quick idea about what new features you can now take advantage of that were not available to you before!

Other features

  1. While placing Robo Orders, you will now have to enter the exact price instead of the difference for the Stop Loss Price and Target Price. 
  2. You can now view your ‘Recently Viewed Stocks’ right below ‘Similar Stocks’  on the Home page.
  3. For each stock, the details on the sector and market capitalisation will be displayed upfront on Overview Section.
  4. Every time you place a request for withdrawal of funds, you will now also see a message telling you the estimated credit time, i.e. the time by which the amount will be credited to your account.

Final Words

Update your Angel One app today to enjoy the latest features on our iOS app! For more updates on our latest app features, follow the Angel One Community page, where you can also raise your doubts and discuss them with other Angel One users!

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