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Bharti Airtel’s Rapid 5G Expansion in Odisha with 1.9 Million Users

28 May 20243 mins read by Angel One
Bharti Airtel sees 1.9 million customers availing their service in Odisha, showcasing its rapid expansion and complete coverage across the state.
Bharti Airtel’s Rapid 5G Expansion in Odisha with 1.9 Million Users
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On May 27, 2024, Bharti Airtel informed the stock exchanges that it has 1.9 million customers availing of 5G service in Odisha. The company has successfully deployed 5G service across all cities and districts in Odisha, showcasing a favourable shift towards offering next-generation mobile connectivity.

The company stated that over the last 6 months, Airtel has seen a notable rise in 5G users in Odisha. With its extensive network expansion, the company now covers the entire state, making it easier for customers to access 5G services. From cultural landmarks such as Konark Sun Temple to scenic attractions like Chilika Lake, Airtel’s rollout spans across Odisha, including tourist destinations like Khandagiri Udaygiri caves and the Odisha Coastline.

The swift integration and adoption of 5G in India arise from various factors, such as expedited network improvements, rapid 5G deployment, and the growing accessibility of 5G-enabled devices. To ensure affordability, Airtel partnered with Poco to provide sub10K 5G smartphones, contributing to expanding its 5G user base. Additionally, enhancing retail presence in the area has strengthened consumer engagement, facilitating seamless transitions to 5G services for customers.

Commenting on the significant milestone at Odisha, the COO of Odisha at Bharti Airtel, R Balaji Singh, said, “We are making significant strides in building the network infrastructure required to facilitate widespread adoption of 5G in Odisha. We express our gratitude to our valued customers who have upgraded to enjoy the power of unlimited 5G service at no additional cost. Our tireless efforts are to keep our customers consistently connected to the state’s fastest, most reliable, and cutting-edge network.”

Earlier this month, Bharti Airtel announced its financial performance in FY 2024. The company’s consolidated revenues for Q4 FY 2024 were at ₹37,599 crore, which grew 4.4% YoY. The company reported its consolidated mobile data traffic was 17,702 PBs (Petabytes) in the quarter, with a YoY growth of 26.2%.

In the quarter ended March 2024, the company stated that they rolled out approximately 10.5k towers to further bolster their network coverage and offer seamless connectivity. They rolled out about 43,102 towers during the year to ensure coverage and connectivity in rural as well as urban areas.

On May 27, 2024, the share price of Bharti Airtel Ltd opened at ₹1,396.00, touching the day’s high at ₹1,407.00, as of 12:36 PM on the NSE.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions.

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