Angel One finds out the expectations from the Union Budget 2016-2017 #Budgetpecharcha

8 August 2022
2 mins read
Angel One finds out the expectations from the Union Budget 2016-2017 #Budgetpecharcha
Transcript :

This union budget 2016-17 People shared their expectations with us Speak up. Be Heard.

Question: Should the tax exemption limit be raised? Answers: – Yes it should be raised, considering the expenditure. – To me, yes. Tax is taken by the government, he might not have a disposable income at hand. – I don’t think so, there is a bit of a fiscal deficit which is going on. – It should be raised, like it should be upto 5 lakhs. – It should be raised because India has the highest income tax rate, if you compare it with any country in the world.

Question: What are the home loan benefits you are looking forward to? Answers: – Perhaps something should be done to keep the home loan budget in control. – There needs to be better policies which allow one to buy a flat for himself. – There should be reduction in the interest rates. – Generally they are giving a lot of exemptions already for the home loans. There should be less black money in the conversation.

Question: The Rs. 25,000 deduction for medical insurance premium under Sec 80 C – should it be raised to 35,000 or kept unchanged? Answers: – Over all limit for 80 C should be improved.It should be raised to at least 50-60 thousand rupees. – It should be raised but a raise of Rs. 10,000/- is not going to make any difference. – Raising money at the cost of tax-payers is fine but at the same time you should also look at the well-being of tax-payers.

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