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5 Golden Rules of Equity Investment

09 August 20222 mins read by Angel One
5 Golden Rules of Equity Investment
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Gain important insights to equity investment with Angel One. Presenting fun-to-learn 60sec videos by Angel One, to help beginners grasp the basics of equity & share-trading. Here are, 5 Golden Rules of Equity Investment, explained in easy-to-understand terms to guide you in your investment journey.

Every newbie finds it difficult to make his 1st equity investment. But, equity is the best performing asset-class and should be a part of every investment portfolio. So here are some simple rules that can offer a smooth start to the 1st time equity investor.

Transcript :

Meet Arvind. Arvind has been thinking of investing in the stock market & needs some solid insights. So, here are 5 golden rules of equity investment:

Rule#1 Avoid the herd mentality. Don’t let the decision of others influence you. Seek advice from established market experts & make your own informed decision.

Rule#2 Stay away from speculators. No one actually knows, the exact time to buy low or sell high.

Rule#3 Diversify your portfolio by spreading your investment. This will weaken any risk of loss.

Rule#4 Invest long-term & don’t let emotions like fear and greed cloud your judgment.

Rule#5 Be a disciplined investor.

Invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals & monitor your investments periodically. With these insights, Arvind is ready to create wealth in the stock market with Angel One as his trusted partner.

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