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United Breweries Ltd has returned more than 47% in the last 3 years

28 June 20233 mins read by Angel One
Over the last three years, the company has returned more than 47%
United Breweries Ltd has returned more than 47% in the last 3 years
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United Breweries Limited (UBL) is poised to inaugurate its inaugural web-based merchandise emporium. In a synergistic partnership with the esteemed Bengaluru-based entity, The Fantam, an exquisite assemblage of exclusive ‘kingfisher brand’ merchandise shall be made available to ardent enthusiasts across the nation.  

Kingfisher, India’s most recognisable brand, is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever online goods store, KF.LIFE. This exciting cooperation with Bengaluru-based The Fantam delivers exclusive Kingfisher products to fans across the country, including a variety of contemporary bar decorations, fascinating board games, attractive wall décor signages and trendy clothes. 

With changing young expectations and more disposable means, the modern Indian strives to explore and experiment in order to live a better life. Kingfisher sees this trend and is ready to capitalise on the urge for exploration and experimentation by offering an associated lifestyle that develops brand love. 

“Kingfisher is one of the most iconic brands of India and we are launching an exclusive brand store for our fans. They can buy Kingfisher branded merchandise from KF.LIFE, a collection that has been made keeping in mind the exploratory mindset of our new age audience. Our collaboration with The Fantam allows us to deliver desirable and high-quality products that stays true to the iconicity of Kingfisher”, stated Vikram Bahl, Chief Marketing Officer. 

UBL Limited has a track record of success in recent years. The company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 51.0%.  

United Breweries Ltd, headquartered in Bengaluru and part of the HEINEKEN group, is India’s largest beer manufacturer. The company manufactures and sells bottled drinking water and soda, as well as internationally recognised beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Kingfisher Strong, Kingfisher Premium, Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Ultra Max, Kingfisher Ultra Witbier, Kingfisher Storm, Heineken, Heineken Silver, Amstel, and Heineken 0.0 are among the brands in its extensive product offering.

For investors, now is the time to consider seizing the opportunity presented by the launch of this well-known company’s merchandise, as it holds promising prospects for long-term growth and returns.  

Over the last three years, the company has returned more than 47%

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