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Sadhav Shipping Ltd IPO Overview

23 February 20244 mins read by Angel One
This article delves into the prospects and IPO details of Sadhav Shipping Ltd. The total issue size amounts to Rs. 38.18 crore, with 50% reserved for retail investors.
Sadhav Shipping Ltd IPO Overview
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Sadhav Shipping Ltd operates within the maritime industry, a vital sector contributing to India’s economic growth. With a focus on offshore logistics, port services, and oil spill response, the company caters to the diverse needs of India’s maritime landscape.

Global Economic Overview:

The global economy is gradually recovering from the pandemic, albeit with uncertainties arising from geopolitical tensions. However, falling crude prices since February 2021 have positively impacted the maritime industry, reducing operational costs for companies like Sadhav Shipping Ltd.

Indian Economy Overview:

India’s GDP exhibited robust growth of 7.2% in FY2022-23, with forecasts projecting continued expansion in the range of 6% to 6.3% for FY2023-24. Despite global headwinds, India’s export performance remained resilient, buoyed by easing crude oil prices and government initiatives to promote trade.

Market Presence:

Sadhav Shipping Ltd has established itself as a formidable player in the Indian offshore market, boasting professional standards in ship owning and operating. The company’s strong presence in the sector is evidenced by its preferred vendor status with clients like ONGC for offshore logistics services.

Company’s Business:

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Mumbai, Sadhav Shipping Ltd owns and operates a fleet of 24 vessels, offering a wide range of maritime services tailored to meet the demands of its clientele. The company’s operations encompass offshore logistics, port services, and oil spill response, demonstrating its versatility and commitment to environmental safety.

Company’s Competitive Strengths:

Sadhav Shipping Ltd possesses several competitive strengths that distinguish it within the maritime industry. With a diverse asset portfolio comprising 19 owned and 5 rented vessels, the company caters to a broad spectrum of maritime needs. Its strong client base, including AAA-rated clients in the oil & gas sector and major ports, underscores its reputation for reliability and quality services. Furthermore, SSL’s long-standing presence of 27 years in the ship operation business has endowed it with invaluable experience and insights, enhancing its competitive edge.

Company’s Risks:

Despite its strengths, Sadhav Shipping Ltd faces certain risks inherent in its operations. Legal proceedings could pose a challenge, diverting management’s focus and impacting financial resources. Operational risks such as breakdowns and uncertainties in vessel rental timing also warrant consideration. Additionally, the company’s reliance on third-party providers introduces another layer of risk to its operations.

IPO Details:

Sadhav Shipping Ltd is set to launch its IPO from February 23, 2024, to February 27, 2024, with an IPO price fixed at Rs. 95 per share. The total issue size amounts to Rs. 38.18 crore, with 50% reserved for retail investors and 50% for other investors.


In conclusion, Sadhav Shipping Ltd presents a compelling investment opportunity within the maritime industry, supported by its diverse portfolio, strong client base, and extensive experience. However, potential investors should carefully assess the associated risks and consider the prevailing economic conditions before making investment decisions. As the company navigates its IPO launch, it remains poised to capitalise on growth opportunities and reinforce its position as a key player in India’s maritime sector.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. The information is based on various secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult with a financial expert before making investment decisions.

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