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08 August 20222 mins read by Angel One
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Technical Analysis is based on presumption that history repeats itself. With conditions and factors similar to the past, market participants will react in a similar way as previously. The activities of various market participants are displayed on charts which transforms into patterns that repeat over time. Identifying those trends and patterns at a relatively early stage is an art and for a trader or investor who identifies them and act accordingly, the rewards can be enormous.

The handbook ‘Your Guide to Technical Analysis‘ is an easy to understand guide for investors and traders in search of knowledge that gives the edge to stock selection and timing. This book explains the concepts, application and execution of many technical based trading tools, with coverage on

  • Dow Theory – which forms roots for much of what we know today in technical analysis
  • Elliott Wave Theory – a form of technical analysis that investors use to analyze financial market cycles and forecast market trends
  • Chart Patterns – classical price patterns and candlestick charting
  • Stocks market indicators – moving averages and momentum oscillators
  • Money management concept – a tool to grow capital and limit the losses

This book is an invaluable tool for traders at all levels of experience. It guides you from the first application of the Dow Theory and the basics of charting through the advanced analysis theories.

With the help of this content, the reader can lay a solid foundation for his / her endeavor in Technical Analysis.

Happy Learning!

Technical Research Team at Angel One

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