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Jindal Stainless Powers Made-in-India Freight Wagons for Mozambique

21 June 20243 mins read by Angel One
Jindal Rail Infrastructure Limited has designed and developed these wagons, which are lighter in weight than existing wagons.
Jindal Stainless Powers Made-in-India Freight Wagons for Mozambique
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Jindal Stainless, India’s leading stainless steel manufacturer, has played a pivotal role in a landmark export initiative. The company supplied speciality stainless steel to construct 100 “Made in India” freight wagons destined for Mozambique.

Stainless Steel Strengthens Export Capabilities

This project marks a significant step forward for India’s export capabilities. The wagons, manufactured with Jindal Stainless’s custom-developed IRSM 44 grade steel, were recently exported from Deendayal Port in Gujarat to the Port of Nacala in Mozambique. The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways hailed this development as a testament to India’s growing prowess in both manufacturing and logistics.

Jindal Rail Infrastructure: Design and Innovation

Jindal Rail Infrastructure Limited (JRIL), a leading Indian freight car manufacturer, conceptualised and designed these custom-made tippler wagons. Renowned for their quality and innovation, JRIL has a proven track record of supplying wagons to Indian Railways, the private sector, and international markets. These wagons, designed to be lighter than existing models, utilise approximately 4.3 tonnes of Jindal Stainless’s specialised steel for the floor, side walls, and end walls.

Enhanced Durability and Sustainability

The selection of stainless steel over traditional carbon steel offers significant advantages. Stainless steel’s superior corrosion resistance and inert properties translate to a longer lifespan for the wagons, resulting in lower life cycle costs and reduced carbon emissions. These wagons will be crucial in transporting critical resources like coal and iron ore.

Jindal Stainless: A Legacy of Innovation

Jindal Stainless has a history of collaborating on prestigious railway projects across India. Their stainless steel has been instrumental in several groundbreaking initiatives, including India’s first Vande Metro train, the nation’s first underwater metro line in Kolkata, and the inaugural train set for the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS).

Jindal Stainless’s contribution to this export project underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to supporting India’s emergence as a global leader in both manufacturing and sustainable infrastructure development.

“We are proud to be a part of the ‘Made in India’ story as it underscores our country’s export capabilities and commitment to becoming a global manufacturing hub. Through these indigenously manufactured stainless steel freight wagons, we are not only enhancing transportation efficiency but also showcasing India’s potential in advanced manufacturing. It will also position India as a key player in the global supply chain as we look forward to many more such achievements,” said Managing Director of Jindal Stainless, Mr Abhyuday Jindal.

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