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How Angel One’s Smart API can help take your advisory service to the next level

05 August 20225 mins read by Angel One
How Angel One’s Smart API can help take your advisory service to the next level
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In the stock market, hundreds and thousands of new aspiring investors and traders make their entry, and quite a few lose their way in the process. Stock market advisors like yourself play an important role in not only helping them navigate the often complex realities of the market, but also in helping them achieve what they originally sought, as they entered the markets. However, with rising competition and increasing digital activity, finding and maintaining clients can be as challenging a task as differentiating yourself in this hyper-competitive space.

Back in the 2010s, anyone could become a stock market advisor. When SEBI introduced some degree of regulation to the advisory practice, not only were the “fake it till you make it” types filtered out, the layman’s experience of the markets also improved. In fact, customer experience is perhaps the highest-weighted variable in today’s business equation, and scaling up your practice can become a challenging task in such an environment. So what is the next stage of evolution of your advisory service?

Improving your clients’ market experience

Before we talk about what SmartAPI is and what it can do for your advisory business, consider the novice investor who comes to you for guidance in terms of where to direct his money in the market. Today, even experienced investors want you to take up end-to-end management of their wealth. Beyond these offerings, some of the top advisors are even leveraging cutting-edge solutions that deploy machine learning to create buy and sell signals for their followers. If you could add trade execution and automation of execution to your advisory service, wouldn’t it simplify your customers’ financial journey?

Where SmartAPI fits in your advisory practice

This is where SmartAPI comes in. SmartAPI is a collection of functions that can enable stock market advisors like you to add automated execution of trading signals to your service offerings. SmartAPI is also the essential ingredient of rule based trading, and can help advisors bring new value propositions to their customers who are looking to make the most out of the next wave of growth.

While working with SmartAPI requires minimal knowledge of coding and technology in general, advisors can now partner and collaborate with developers on a short term basis to build order execution into your advisory practice. With SmartAPI, you can now push trading signals to your own client’s devices through a variety of channels, and add help them execute their orders within a matter of seconds. 

SmartAPI: key features and benefits

The best part about SmartAPI is that it is completely free – which means you can start building innovative features by yourself, or with the help of developers right away. All you need to do is to sign up on the SmartAPI website and start creating an app, with the help of which you can stream live market data, execute trade orders, manage user portfolios and even backtest your algorithms on historical market data. SmartAPI is geared to make trading smarter, and rule based trading more accessible.

With SmartAPI, those with some degree of programming knowledge can set up an rule based trading environment or service within a matter of a few weeks. Our documentation is easy to comprehend, and SmartAPI brings plug-and-play functionalities in five of the most popular development languages today, namely Python, Java, R, Go and NodeJS. If you are ambitious enough, you can even proceed to add a feature-rich trading platform to your advisory practice by collaborating developers. 

Making better recommendations with SmartAPI

But SmartAPI is not just made for making trade execution possible for your clients. With the help of SmartAPI, you can even build your strategies into algorithms, which generate trade signals all day round, without the need for your constant supervision. In addition, you can even build algorithms that generate better trade signals as they gain experience in the real markets, beyond historical data. 

With SmartAPI you can bring differentiating value propositions to your clients by creating and pushing the best possible entry and exit signals instantly to your clients’ accounts, thereby increasing their satisfaction with your performance and their experience of the markets. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Angel One’s SmartAPI today and take your advisory service to the next level.

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