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Habits Working Moms Can Inculcate in Their Children

09 August 20225 mins read by Angel One
Habits Working Moms Can Inculcate in Their Children
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Working mothers do the impossible almost every day. Balancing work and home is no mean task, and yet, these moms somehow succeed in striking this seemingly inconceivable balance day in and day out. If you’re a working mother, congratulations! You’re nothing short of superhuman.

Your children learn a great deal from you, mostly by the example you set for them. Working mothers like you can also actively and consciously inculcate some vital habits in the little ones by steering them in the right direction. These habits will eventually not only make them better individuals, but it can also shape them up to be efficient professionals and make them savvy at money management.

So, whether you decide to lead by example or by active conversation, here are some life-changing habits that working mothers like you can instil in your children.

Time management

Time management is, simply put, the art of dividing your time efficiently between specific tasks or activities. As a working mother, you can surely appreciate the importance of this fundamental trait. By teaching your children the importance of time management, they learn how to wake up early, eat their meals at the right time, and better distribute their time to schoolwork and leisure activities. 

And when they grow up, this habit will come in handy in many ways. After all, time management is also crucial to trading in the stock market, where it’s important to know when to wait and when to take advantage of a particular market movement. Time management will also prove to be an asset in their professional lives.

Work-life balance

This is one trait that you can impart simply by leading through example. Balancing work and life is a constant challenge for working women. But when you get it right, your children learn this art simply from watching you ace the game. And when they follow suit, they learn how to balance hard work and leisure more effectively. This helps them grow into well-rounded individuals who excel at what they do and also have interests that shape them outside of work.

Like time management, the skill of balancing to near-opposite elements is also crucial to the stock market trade. Investors need to balance risks and rewards on a daily basis, for each trade. And this art of balancing isn’t learned overnight. It’s cultivated bit by bit from childhood, where working mothers like you set the best examples.


Independence has many shades. And being a working woman comes with its own brand of independence. As far as your children are concerned, independence to them is a virtue that lets them pick their hobbies, frame their schedules and select their peers without parental oversight or interference. To help them do it right, it’s also important to teach them how to make right choices while exercising their independence.

As always, your kids learn best by watching you do it. And when it comes to independence, this is a habit that goes a long way in shaping the kind of adults they grow up to be. Of course, this also includes financial independence, which follows as a natural result when the right decisions and choices are made. Learning general independence at a young age encourages your children to pursue financial independence later in life.

With these traits instilled into your child’s behavior, you can rest assured that their future is bright and on the right track.


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