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Impact of Smartphones on Stock Market Investment

16 August 20223 mins read by Angel One
Impact of Smartphones on Stock Market Investment
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Nowadays, if you travel in a train, bus or even walk down the road, you will see people glued to their smartphones. Communication has long moved from being a face to face affair to a more virtual affair and happens largely over messaging and social media apps. Likewise, over the years, stock market transactions have evolved from the erstwhile handwritten agreements to the ticker boards of the stock exchanges in the ‘90s, and now to the smart devices of the 21st century investors. Now, any device with internet access gives you access to virtually any stock market in the world.

The Times of India reported that, “India has become the world’s fastest growing market for mobile based stock trading since its launch in 2010. On the NSE, the turnover of mobile transactions has increased by nearly 130%, from Rs 50,800 crore in August 2014 to Rs 116,186 crore in August 2015. Though this translates into just a fraction of the aggregate turnover on the NSE, experts say figures could double in the next two years as smartphone sales surge.”

Smartphones make it possible for brokerages to send research articles, tips, stock updates and performance reports. Investors also gain access to the real time market updates and can freely trade without the need of being tied to a desktop terminal. From the zillions of by lanes of our big country to Dalal Street, traders and investors are empowered to trade from anywhere, anytime, thanks to the smartphones. Markets which were once the privilege of HNIs and institutions have opened up to everyone in the true sense. The smartphone revolution ensured that every major brokerage offered a free smartphone app to it’s customers. The functionalities of these apps range from allowing you to buy and sell stocks, read market research, get real time stock updates to lodge complaints, without speaking to any one, with just a few clicks.

The nice part about trading on the smartphone is that investors have access to information about stocks at the swipe of their finger. With real-time updates on stock  movement they will easily be able to buy or sell from anywhere, on their smartphones. Sometimes, this isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, impulsive trading due to information overload leads to losses. When some gullible investors see prices dropping, they might get tempted to sell quickly to avoid any loss. Falling victim to such impulsive investment decisions could do more harm than any benefit and this could lead also to financial ruin.

A good stock trading app will offer sufficient information to help you decide on the right trade, without overloading you with information overload that pushes you to make unwanted impulsive decisions. Carefully, choose an app that provides market updates and trends along with the usual stock price tickers.

Angel One Mobile App, the mobile trading tool from Angel One allows users to monitor and manage order book, trade book, net position, funds view and overall stock portfolio. It also makes monitoring easy by using historical charts, latest stock prices and other relevant stock details. Angel One’s customers can trade in Indian equity, derivatives, commodities and currency markets using this mobile trading tool.


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