What do you need to make an equity portfolio ?

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What is an equity portfolio and why is it necessary to have a professional portfolio manager to build it.


"What do you need to make an equity portfolio ? Share Market is a big universe, with many investment products. You can learn a lot while reading and researching but isn't it better to take advice from a professional? While investing in stock marekt you can’t possibly learn & foresee all profitable opportunities. That is why to help you there are professionals known as portfolio managers. Portfolio managers are professionals who will manage your investment portfolio. 
Their responsibilities range from determining client's objective to determining risk taking appetitie to measure performance. But to even hire a professional to take care of your needs you need to learn how to make an equity portfolio. To make an equity portfolio you need to understand that all equity investments involve some degree of risk. After all this you need to know your risk taking ability and follow a disciplined investment path so that you can diversify your portfolio and still maintain some emergency funds. To know more and learn about it -- Read on Smart Money by Angel Broking."

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