Terms to learn for investing

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Before investing, know the A, B, C, so that you can be comfortable by listening to heavy words of stock market.


Terms to learn for investing Do you constantly wonder what are these finance related terms? Whenever you are trying to start investing you are bombardede with thousands of these terms. Investment can be difficult if you are not aware of the right terms and their meanings. The various famous terms are Rights Issues, Dividends, Follow-On Public Offering commonly known as FPO. These are drivers for investment in any company. Promoters also play a huge role. They help businesses in creating market awareness about a company, thereby encouraging investors to obtain respective equity securities. Again there are 3 types of promoters. Penny promoters, Promoters expert in Govt. securities, Casual promoters. To know how you can save and invest appropriately in stock market -- you need to know about these terms. This will make these things to work in your favour. To know more and learn about it -- Read about Investement on Smart Money by Angel Broking.

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