Margin? What is that?

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What is the margin and how is it related to commodity and trading and how much margin trading is right for you.


"Margin? What is that? What's margin? Ask a shopkeeper he will say something like this. The difference between the price of the selling price of a service and its cost of production is called the margin In trading terms, When you buy something on margin it means that you are borrowing money to purchase the securities. Thousands of questions can arise while trading. Why do traders choose margin trading?
Or What is the process of margin trading?
Or what is Margin trading in commodities?
And what are the benefits of a Margin account? Is margin trading right for you? To help you understand more about every grain of margin trading, we are here to help you. Read about importance and journey of trading on Smart Money by Angel Broking and put it to actionable use."

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