I am the decision maker of my investments.

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Develop your decision-making ability by understanding biases properly.


"I am the decision maker of my investments. Do you feel like the sky is your limit? You are the king of your investments?
Whatever you decide is the key to your desire? There is no way that is all not possible but you can also be under influence of one or two investement biases. The two investment biases in this case can be -- Decision making bias which basically makes you want to decide!
and the other one could be Desire bias which makes you want it! Making decisions is the most important job of any executive. It’s also the toughest and the riskiest. Bad decisions can damage a business and a career, sometimes irreparably. As much as we like to think we’re open-minded and impartial, a ton of different biases are continually influencing us. This doesn't mean we cannot control it. To know how you can invest appropriately so that there are no biases-- you need to know about these in detail. This will make these things to work in your favour. To know more and learn about it -- Read about Investement on Smart Money by Angel Broking."

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