Evergreen investment options in India

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India’s financial landscape gives you many different investment options to choose from. This video explores three such popular investments.


Evergreen investment options in India Where does India invest its money? Come, let’s find out. The popular bank fixed deposit features right at the top of the list. It has charmed generations of Indians Because of relatively safer returns Flexible tenures And added perks for senior citizens. With time, investors have also started looking at Mutual Funds as an option. Through mutual funds, you can invest in equity Debt funds Or a mix of both. In the non-financial sector, gold and real estate have both been among well known investment choices. Both these investments usually act as a hedge against inflation. In addition to these investment choices, PF and PPF are also very well known in India. In the next chapter of Smart Money, we discuss these in detail. Keep reading to find out more.

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