3 famous stock market mergers

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Get a sneak peek into three popular mergers that took place in the Indian stock markets.


3 famous stock market mergers The Indian stock markets have seen many mergers - both big and small. Remember two of India’s telecom giants Vodafone and Idea? Back in 2018, they merged to form a new company – Vodafone Idea Limited. That same year, India’s banking sector also saw a major merger, Where IDFC Bank and Capital First Came together to form IDFC First Bank. Going back further in time, to 2006, there was a multinational merger that involved India’s steel production industry. Indian-based Mittal Steel Merged with Luxembourg-based Arcelor To give us ArcelorMittal, Which is the world’s largest steel producer today. Mergers like this happen all the time, And the resultant company often has greater scope for growth and expansion. Well, that brings this module to a close. But there’s always more to learn. Head to the next module of Smart Money to discover more.

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