Retail investing across the world

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Find out how retail investors make up the stock markets across the world.


In recent years, retail investors have been flooding stock markets across the world. Robinhood, the stock-trading app, was one of the key driving forces behind the influx of retail investors in the American markets last year. A J.D. Power survey found that more than 10 million new brokerage accounts were opened in 2020! Meanwhile, China’s stock markets host over 177 million retail investors - or individual traders! In comparison with the US markets, that’s massive! To put this in perspective, data from 2019 shows that the US markets were dominated by institutional investors, with a population of 62%. But China’s stock markets were dominated by retail investors - who made up 99.6% of the total investor population. Japan’s retail traders aren’t far behind, either. The pandemic proved to be the catalyst, pushing the retail investor population from 16% before COVID to 21% after. All in all, retail investors are gaining ground in stock markets across the world. All that remains is to see how this trend shapes up in the coming years.

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