Lessons from women investors

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Women investors can teach us all some key investment lessons. This video tells you more.


A survey by DSP Winvestor Pulse revealed that while 64% of the men surveyed take independent investment decisions, only 33% women do the same. And yet, there are many valuable lessons we can all learn from women investors. The first lesson is goal-based investing. Women tend to invest with specific goals in mind, like investing for a second home, saving up for their child or grandchild’s education, or even for a family vacation. Secondly, women are also less impulsive - and more balanced - as investors. Wells Fargo reports that single women trade 27% less frequently than single men. The balanced, risk-averse approach may help preserve capital in volatile markets. And lastly, women aren’t afraid to ask more questions before investing. They are more open to professional financial advice. This helps women investors make more informed investment decisions. And it’s not just working women - homemakers are also becoming more financially savvy. Head to the next chapter to read about the evolution of the homemaker.

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