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6 Stocks with the Highest Share Price in World

30 November 20225 mins read by Angel One
Ever wondered how far up the price of a stock can go? Here is a list of pricey stocks that answers this question.
6 Stocks with the Highest Share Price in World
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Why are some stocks so expensive

Highly priced shares are often out of reach of the common retail investors – hence usually companies try to keep the per share price low so that the stock is liquid and general market sentiments regarding the stock or the company can be tracked easily. However still, some stocks reach a price that is unaffordable for people from even middle income groups. This happens usually because of the following reasons – 

  1. The demand for the share has increased – this happens usually for companies which have been traded in the stock market for a significant number of years.
  2. The company set the price initially that way as they wanted to target a particular income class.

That being said, shares that are the most expensive today may not be so forever. The markets go up and down, and companies rise and fall with changing times and business environments (or even regulatory frameworks).

Below is a list of the companies with the highest share price in the world.

List of most expensive shares in the world

Name of the company Market cap
Berkshire Hathaway $690 billion
Lindt and Sprüngli AG 23.78 billion CHF
NVR Inc.  $14.21 billion
Seaboard Corporation $4.63 billion
Bookings Holding Inc $76.99 billion 
Madras Rubber Factory Rs. 39,258 cr


Berkshire Hathaway

This US-based multinational conglomerate holding company has the costliest share in the world, standing at $4,72,712.00 on 29th Nov, 2022. 

Although known for its financial services, the firm also owns several other companies such as FlightSafety International, BNSF, Dairy Queen, NetJets, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds, GEICO etc. It also holds significant minority stakes in major companies such as Apple Inc., Wells Fargo, Coca Cola and American Express.

Lindt and Sprüngli AG

It is a famous Swiss confectionery and chocolate company. Its stock is currently valued at 99,800 CHF per share (CHF being the Swiss franc valued currently at roughly ₹86 per Swiss franc).

NVR Inc. 

The company focuses on home construction and it operates under different brand names – Ryan Homes, NV Homes and Heartland Homes. Its area of operation is concentrated on the US east coast. The company’s current share price is $4444.98.

Seaboard Corporation

It is a major multinational agribusiness and transport company that focuses on pork production and ocean transportation. It also has operations in sugar and grain processing and electrical power generation. The company’s share is currently priced at $3989.98.

Booking Holdings Inc.

It is an American travel technology company that aggregates travel fares from various sources in order for its customers to book tickets etc. for their travels more easily and efficiently. Their revenues come primarily from commissions and advertising. Its stocks are currently priced at $1984.90 per share.

Madras Rubber Factory

It is a holding company focusing on the manufacturing of tires (across vehicle categories), tubes, flaps, rubber chemicals etc. It also offers paints and coats and other ancillary services. Its current share price is a whopping Rs. 92,326.55.

Final words

Now you must be having an idea about the world’s costliest shares. If you are interested in these stocks or want to find out more about stocks that have the potential to reach such a stage over time, try doing more research on the stock market on a trusted online platform. Once you feel confident, try to open demat account today!

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes only. The securities quoted are only examples and not recommendations.

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