What is role of a shareholder? How can you become one?

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Types, rights and functions of shareholders and essential things to know to become a shareholder.


What is role of a shareholder? How can you become one? Shareholders are owners in a company to reap benefits of a business’ success. A shareholder can be a person, company, or organization with at least a minimum of one share in a company’s stock. There are two types of shareholders i.e Equity Shareholders and Preference Shareholders. There are various rights and duties of a shareholder ranging from attending annual general meetings to appointing senior management personnel to pass resolutions at general meetings by voting. But how do you become a shareholder of a company? For starters you have to Open trade account & Demat account. After that you will have to learn how to analyse and read market and various sectors. To know more and learn about it -- Read on Smart Money by Angel Broking.

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