The technical analyst checklist

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Getting started with technical analysis? Here’s a checklist that can guide you from start to finish.


The technical analyst checklist As a technical analyst, what are the key indicators you need to look out for before making a trade? Here’s a quick checklist of some important questions. What is the direction of the overall market? What is the trend in the sector you’re interested in? How has the stock you’re interested in been moving? Are there any major reversal patterns visible? Which way will the stock price move in the near future? Are you going to buy or sell the stock? Are there any major economic developments that may impact your trade? How much capital are you infusing? And how much profit do you intend to make? These are some of the things that you need to check off one after the other before making a trade. To learn more about trading in different types of financial assets, head to the next module in Smart Money.

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