Moving towards a greener future and its impact on the markets

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This video talks about green energy options and their future


Is crude oil the future? Considering that it is a non-renewable resource, oil may not be around forever. That is why it makes sense to move towards a greener future, where we make use of cleaner energy sources like wind, water and solar energy. Already, there are many clean energy companies that have been established both in India, and around the world.
Top among these is Tesla, which has quickly risen through the ranks.
Today, it is not only the most valuable automotive company in the world, but also the most valuable clean energy company.
As of April 1, 2021, Tesla’s market cap stood at nearly $638 billion.
By contrast, General Motors’s market cap was only around $80 billion and Ford Motor Company’s was just around $50 billion.
In India too, the green energy sector is gaining pace.
Companies like Tata Power and Suzlon Energy are tapping into wind, water and solar energy.
Global investor interest in India’s green energy space is also on the rise.
CRISIL estimates that by 2023, global investments may add around 35GW of renewable energy capacity.
With the rise of ESG investing, the stock market may also react positively towards the green energy sector in the long run.
In the coming years, this is definitely a space to watch out for, as an investor and as a consumer.

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