Calculation of Margin

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Different types of margins and their calculations and how to do your business on margins.


Calculation of Margin Margins enable the traders to leverage which is why they play an essential role in Futures Trading Hopefuly from our previous video you know what is margin in trading. As compared to the spot market transaction, it is the margins which gives the future agreement the much needed financial twist, which is why it is essential to understand margins and its facets. While trading you can trade in multiples of initial margin which you deposit. The question here arises How can you trade on margins? While deep diving into this you would also want to understand different Types of Margin To invest approprately we need to understand these in detail. We also need to learn how to calculate margin. To help you understand more about this, we are here to help you. Read about importance and journey of technical trade analysis on Smart Money by Angel Broking and put it to actionable use.

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