3 portfolio management tips for young women

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Looking for some help to manage your investment portfolio better? Here are some ideas that can help.


Women are making headway as smart investors today. And if you’re a young woman looking for some ideas to get better at portfolio management, here are three things you can do. First up, align your portfolio with your life goals. Want to pursue higher education? Or buy your first home? Or better yet, start saving up for an early retirement? Write down your goals, and pick investments that match the timeline of those goals. Secondly, have a portfolio allocation in mind. This would depend on many factors like your risk tolerance, your goals, and your investment budget, among others. Arrive at an asset allocation that you’re comfortable with, and invest accordingly. Lastly, revisit your portfolio periodically. Your goals may have changed. The market may be moving differently. And your risk appetite may be different with time. So, your portfolio needs to reflect these changes. That wraps up this module on financial planning for women. Head to the next module to keep the journey going.

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